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The ultimate guide to cannabis in Provincetown

The Haven Center
Courtesy Lulu Dropo

The Haven Center in Provincetown, MA

Provincetown, MA isn’t just a queer haven—it’s the new joint for cannabis culture.

This story is brought to you by our partners at the Provincetown Office of Tourism.

There's so much I adore about Provincetown. It's one of the premier LGBTQ+ destinations in America, boasting a vibrant art scene, stunning beaches and trails, yummy culinary delights, entertainment, and an impressive four cannabis dispensaries within a mile—a major draw for me!

I've been coming to Ptown my whole life, and I officially made it my home about four years ago. Graduating with a BS during the early months of COVID-19 led me here by June 2020. Two years back, I began my journey at one of the dispensaries as a budtender. Now, I hold the position of Inventory Lead, responsible for processing and tracking all new products stored in the vault.

James A. McCormackJames A. McCormackCourtesy the Provincetown Office of Tourism

The cannabis market represents a cutting-edge industry that brings exciting opportunities to local communities. My interest in this field grew during my final college years. Aligning my studies with the cannabis industry was enlightening both entrepreneurially and personally. Combining academic knowledge with hands-on experience showcased cannabis's wide range of potential beyond recreational use. As a budtender, I've witnessed an effective alternative to addressing sleep disorders, anxiety, muscle pain, and more, contributing to enhancing individuals' quality of life. Providing a bit of euphoria to spread joy has been immensely rewarding, especially in recent times.

b/well in Provincetown, MAb/well in Provincetown, MACourtesy Lulu Dropo

Commercial Street hosts four dispensaries within a mile, each offering a unique experience. While popular products may overlap, each dispensary has its own niche and atmosphere. Hennep prioritizes community engagement and inclusivity, b/well emphasizes sustainability and organic practices, Curaleaf focuses on diverse health-improving products, and The Haven Center offers a boutique experience with expert guidance. Staff across all dispensaries are knowledgeable, friendly (almost like family), and dedicated to ensuring customers find what they seek. Most customers enter dispensaries with a big smile, tinged with nervousness or excitement, and leave still smiling, reassured by the absence of harmful additives like Fentanyl in products.

ScottCakes in Provincetown, MAScottCakes in Provincetown, MACourtesy ScottCakes

Cannabis consumption has evolved significantly over the past four years, diversifying from traditional joints or gummies to products like ice cream, seltzers, hot cocoa, and even ketchup. These pair perfectly with the delicious food options around town, whether at Lobster Pot, ScottCakes, Joe’s Coffee, The Coffee Pot, or Rosie's Cantina, providing ample choices for satiating the munchies. Whether ordering out, people-watching at a café, or enjoying a beachside meal, the experience is entirely customizable.

Lobster Pot in Provincetown, MALobster Pot in Provincetown, MACourtesy Lulu Dropo

The 4/20 holiday has evolved into a celebratory event nationwide, especially in Provincetown. Beyond being a day to indulge, it commemorates cannabis legalization, fostering community cohesion. It's an occasion to gather with friends, enjoy edibles, share laughter, relish good food, and, of course, partake in cannabis. This event unites diverse individuals in support of complete cannabis legalization.

Provincetown wouldn't be itself without a fabulous show to mark the occasion. This year's 4/20 event, hosted by local drag superstar Mackenzie at the Crown & Anchor, promises to be spectacular. Inspired by 90's films and Ptown's scenic beauty, "4/20 Honey: Honey I Smoked the Weed" features a powerhouse lineup of local queer artists, guaranteeing an unforgettable experience. Celebrating 4/20 openly and proudly is a testament to the enduring presence of cannabis and the vibrant spirit of Provincetown.

Mackenzie with Laganja Estranja at Crown & Anchor in Provincetown, MAMackenzie with Laganja Estranja at Crown & Anchor in Provincetown, MACourtesy the Provincetown Office of Tourism

Some of the common questions we get relating to cannabis include:

“What do you need to come visit a dispensary?” A government-issued ID such as a passport, passport card, driver's license, or military ID all work.

“Where can I smoke?” Consumption of cannabis must be done on private property. Consuming cannabis in public is not allowed, especially in national parks; national parks are covered by federal jurisdiction so federal guidelines apply.

“Can I bring my own products to Ptown?” If you live in Massachusetts, you can! But if you are coming from outside the state, you can’t. Any cannabis purchased within Massachusetts must stay within the state borders.

“Can I use cannabis in public?” You can’t use marijuana in any form (smoking, vaping, edibles, etc.) in public or on federal land.

1620 Brewhouse in Provincetown, MA1620 Brewhouse in Provincetown, MACourtesy the Provincetown Office of Tourism

When you visit Provincetown, one of our dispensaries will surely meet your needs. Stop by, say hello, catch a buzz, and bask in all the wonders Ptown has to offer!

James A. McCormack is 26 years old, has a BS in Business Administration and has lived in Provincetown since 2020.

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James A. Mccormack

James A. McCormack is 26 years old, has a BS in Business Administration and has lived in Provincetown since 2020.
James A. McCormack is 26 years old, has a BS in Business Administration and has lived in Provincetown since 2020.