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Oklahoma High School’s atmosphere of bullying exposed in wake of Nex Benedict’s death

Former and current students complain that they are subjected to bullying with little to no intervention by Owasso school officials.

San Francisco prosecutors will seek a retrial in bondage and poppers killing of gay man

An appeals court overturned the convictions last year.

Colorado police looking for two men who attacked a man in potential antigay hate crime

A Colorado man said he was “specifically targeted” because of his sexual identity, and is part of a larger increase in hate crimes against the state’s LGBTQ+ community.

Ghana’s parliament passes bill with 3-year prison sentences for identifying as LGBTQ+

The bill also would require even tougher sentences for forming or funding LGBTQ+ groups.

Attackers yelled antigay, racist slurs during beach party stabbing of teen boy in California

Disturbing video of the attack has been circulating among local high schools.

Florida man convicted of antigay death threats to George Santos

The gay man told police he was only exercising his free-speech rights to let the former Congressman “know what a piece of shi*t he was.”

Oregon mayoral candidate was involved in 1984 gay bashing but says he's changed

Douglas Barr, a candidate for mayor of Eugene, says he's educated himself and changed since participating in what prosecutors called a night of "homophobic rage" that resulted in an activist's death.

Police find bodies of murdered reporter Jesse Baird and his boyfriend

The couple had been missing for over a week, and Baird’s cop ex-boyfriend is the prime suspect.

More than 60 religious institutions have been targeted for supporting LGBTQ+ rights: report

At least 66 incidents occurred between June 2022 and January 2024 in which a religious institution was targeted for its perceived support of LGBTQ+ people.

Watch alarming video of Nex Benedict explaining to police that they were bullied

The Owasso Police Department released a series of videos related to Nex Benedict’s death. One confirms that Nex was bullied.

Oklahoma police say bullied nonbinary teen Nex Benedict ‘did not die as a result of trauma’

Police officials assert that the teen's cause of death is unrelated to trauma but give no further details on what may have led to their death raising more questions than answers.

What we know about Oklahoma nonbinary teen Nex Benedict’s tragic death

A community is grappling with the death of an LGBTQ+ young person one day after they were beaten in a high school bathroom.


Charges dropped against Florida family accused of blinding gay man in brutal assault

The alleged victim said the family was upset after discovering he was romantically involved with one of the sons.

Oklahoma transgender student dies after allegedly assaulted by students at school

There's an outcry in Oklahoma after the death of a transgender student that has sparked demands for answers.

Florida gay adult film star and Proud Boy sentenced over January 6 insurrection

Steven Miles, also known as Sergeant Miles, punched a police officer and entered the Capitol through a broken window, the Department of Justice said.

Transgender teen girl stabbed 14 times at roller rink birthday party

A teenaged girl has been charged with the stabbing, which occurred the day before the one-year anniversary of the brutal stabbing murder of Brianna Ghey.

Transgender people are being killed at an alarming rate, especially in the South (exclusive)

New findings reveal a disturbing increase in violence against transgender individuals, spotlighting the South’s lax gun laws and discriminatory policies.

Fox News and GOP politicians falsely claim Lakewood Church shooter was transgender

The suspected shooter was a 36-year-old who police identified as the mother of a 7-year-old boy who was shot in the incident.

Florida sugar scion allegedly beat woman because the two were seated next to a gay couple

And it’s not the first time Alexander Nicholas Fanjul has been arrested after ruining dinner and throwing punches, according to media reports.