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gender affirming care

Georgia County Pays $1.2 Million to Fight Gender-Affirming Care Suit

The county in central Georgia denied coverage to a veteran sheriff's deputy.

Lawmaker Pleads ‘Please Don’t Kill Yourself’ as Ban on Trans Care Passes

Out Democratic state. Rep. Karla Drenner made the plea after the House was poised to pass a measure banning gender-affirming health care for youth.

Florida Trans Youth Health Care Ban Takes Effect; Parents Plan Lawsuit

Meanwhile, Florida lawmakers are considering legislation that would create a ban even stricter than the one adopted by medical boards.

Arkansas Just Made It Easier to Sue Providers of Gender-Affirming Care

Republican Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders signed a bill opening a large window to sue for malpractice.

Florida Lawmaker to Scale Back Custody Threats to Trans Children

The amendment would allow a judge to change custody agreements to “protect” a child from gender-affirming health care.

Minnesota Governor Signs Order Protecting Gender-Affirming Health Care

Democratic Gov. Tim Walz's executive order comes as Republican-led states around the country push restrictions on such care.

Iowa Advances Gender-Affirming Care Ban, Restroom Restrictions

The Iowa Senate approved both bills Tuesday and sent them to the House of Representatives.

CPAC 2023 Was a Hatefest Against Transgender People

A selection of the worst from the event, which included talk of "transgender insanity" and "eradication" of what speakers called "transgenderism."

Oklahoma House Censures Nonbinary Rep. Mauree Turner

House Republicans claim Turner was harboring a fugitive when a protester took shelter in the lawmaker's office.

Far-Right Group Sues Over California's Support for Trans Youth

The suit seeks to strike down the law making California a sanctuary state for trans minors seeking gender-affirming care.

HRC Protests Tennessee Anti-LGBTQ+ Laws With Ad, Rally

The Human Rights Campaign is running a full-page ad with Gov. Bill Lee in drag and holding a rally in response to legislation banning gender-affirming care for youth and restricting drag shows.

Democratic AGs Condemn DeSantis Administration's Transphobic Request

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis's administration requested public colleges in the state provide information about students receiving gender-affirming care.

​Florida Republicans Take Aim at Gender-Affirming Care, Drag Shows​

Florida Republican lawmakers are looking to ban gender-affirming care, stop legal changes of gender on birth certificates, and restrict drag shows.

Utah GOP Senator Explains Why He Supports Trans Kids & Adults

The state lawmaker says Republicans worry that accepting transgender people will lead to an outbreak of new trans people nationwide.

Karine Jean-Pierre on Tennessee Anti-Drag Law: Unacceptable & Unfortunate

The White House press secretary blasted Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee for signing a bill restricting drag performances.

Kentucky Senator Whose Trans Son Recently Died Blasts New Anti-Drag Bill

Through her grief, the state lawmaker drove home the point that trans lives matter and should not be legislated out of existence.

Texas Republican Who Wrote Anti-Drag Bill Has Dressed in Drag

It's not the first time in recent days that an anti-drag Republican was revealed to have done drag before.

​'Drag Race' Queens Slam Republicans' Anti-Trans, Anti-Drag Legislation​

In the wake of anti-trans legislation being introduced nationwide, stars from the popular drag competition speak out about the right's bigotry.

Mississippi Gov. Signs Ban on Gender-Affirming Care for Trans Youth

Republican Gov. Tate Reeves claimed these procedures are "being pushed onto our children through radical activists."

Tennessee Close to Banning Gender-Affirming Care for Youth

Legislators have passed a bill and sent it to Gov. Bill Lee (pictured), and they're also moving toward restrictions on drag shows.