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health care

Kentucky Revives Trans Health Care Ban as Senator Mourns Trans Son

Republican legislators raced to push through the health care ban and other anti-LGBTQ+ provisions.

Florida Trans Youth Health Care Ban Takes Effect; Parents Plan Lawsuit

Meanwhile, Florida lawmakers are considering legislation that would create a ban even stricter than the one adopted by medical boards.

Arkansas Just Made It Easier to Sue Providers of Gender-Affirming Care

Republican Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders signed a bill opening a large window to sue for malpractice.

Mississippi Gov. Signs Ban on Gender-Affirming Care for Trans Youth

Republican Gov. Tate Reeves claimed these procedures are "being pushed onto our children through radical activists."

Mississippi Gov. Promises to Sign Ban on Gender-Affirming Care for Youth

Both houses of the legislature have OK'd the ban, and Gov. Tate Reeves says he's ready to stop what he calls "sick experimental treatments."

North Dakota Goes on Anti-Trans Legislative Spree, Including Health Care Ban

The other bills deal with sports, name changes, and pronouns.

Oklahoma Close to Criminalizing Gender-Affirming Care for Youth

The bill that's advancing would make it a felony to provide this care.

Idaho Advances Bill to Criminalize Gender-Affirming Care for Minors

The bill, passed by the House and now going to the Senate, calls for a prison sentence of up to 10 years for health care workers who authorize or provide the care.

100+ Activists, Journalists Call Out Anti-Trans Bias in New York Times

A GLAAD-led coalition and a group of Times contributors say the paper of record is full of transphobic pseudoscience.

South Dakota Senate Passes Ban on Gender-Affirming Care

The legislation would ban hormone treatment, puberty blockers, and gender-confirmation surgery for minors.

Wyoming Senate Classifies Gender-Affirming Care as 'Child Abuse'

The Senate passed a bill to that effect by a wide margin, and it will now be considered by the House.

Insurers Refused to Pay Thousands to Transgender Doctor

The insurance companies have now agreed to pay Dr. Tiffany Najberg what they owe her, but the funds haven't come in yet, she said.

South Dakota Advances Ban on Gender-Affirming Care for Minors

The South Dakota House passed the bill and sent it to the Senate, but not before the House's only out member, Kameron Nelson, spoke passionately against it.

Here Are the 21 States Trying to Ban Gender-Affirming Care

Bills seeking to restrict gender-affirming care have been introduced in 21 states so far this year — and in one of those, Utah, a bill has become law.