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stormy daniels

Trump’s conviction is an opportunity to sway independent voters — especially women

Most Americans say they won’t change their votes as a result of Trump’s historic trial, but the verdict could give both parties an opportunity to court independents, a 19th News/SurveyMonkey poll found.

The Donald Trump verdict explained — and what comes next

Read all about Michael Cohen, Stormy Daniels, the possibility of jail time, and more.

What Trump’s guilty verdict means for the election, for him, and most important, for us

The American people understand Trump cannot be trusted, they voted to convict him, and now they won’t elect him as our next president.

Donald Trump found guilty on all 34 felony counts in hush-money trial

The jurors in New York City rendered their verdict Thursday afternoon in the first-ever criminal trial of a former U.S. president.

Lauren Boebert didn't show up at her teen son's trial — but she's attending Donald Trump's

Tyler Boebert, 19, appeared in court last week without his mother or a lawyer.

Mike Johnson shows up outside the courtroom of Trump’s hush money trial because the Democrats let it happen

Johnson popped up at Trump's trial this week in support of the former president. Were Democrats wrong to help him stay in the speakership earlier this month?

More Than 50 of Our Favorite LGBTQ+ Moms

Our community's out moms could use some more visibility — and a big thank you too.

5 ways Stormy Daniels damaged Donald Trump’s campaign and mussed up his hair

When all is said and done, we might owe Daniels a debt of gratitude for getting Trump convicted and keeping him from the presidency.

15 of Stormy Daniels' most RUTHLESS quotes that prove she suffers ZERO fools

Don't come for Stormy unless she sends for YOU.

Stormy Daniels takes the witness stand in Trump hush money criminal trial

Follow along as the adult film actress testifies against the former president in his New York City criminal trial.


Who is Stormy Daniels, the adult film actress who is testifying in Trump’s hush money criminal trial?

Trump is facing 34 counts of falsifying business documents related to the repayment of his one-time attorney Michael Cohen for payments made shortly before the 2016 election to cover up Trump’s alleged affair with Daniels.

Like a closeted gay man, Trump lives in fear of what David Pecker knows about him

While Trump picks, picks, picks on everyone else, he won’t pick at Pecker.

What happens if Donald Trump is jailed for criminal contempt?

As Donald Trump faces a potential contempt charge in his hush money trial, the Secret Service and legal experts consider the unprecedented implications.

Donald Trump tried to subpoena Stormy Daniels at an NYC gay bar — Here's how she responded

Donald Trump's legal team is accused of trying (and failing) to "intimidate" Daniels during her appearance at a popular Brooklyn gay bar.

Tristan Snell, who brought down Trump University, sees conviction in hush money case

Snell also believes that former Trump fixer Michael Cohen will be a credible witness because his testimony will be corroborated by a wealth of other testimony and evidence.

Stormy Daniels isn’t backing down and has a message for you (EXCLUSIVE)

As former president Donald Trump’s lawyers work overtime to silence Stormy Daniels, she fearlessly speaks truth to power.

Meet the sexy cast of ‘For the Love of DILFs’ season 2 (EXCLUSIVE)

The hot himbos and delicious daddies are back and looking for love in a bigger, sexier, and more dramatic sophomore season.


This is the first time a former president has faced federal criminal charges.

Randy Rainbow Does a Swinging Takedown of 'The Grumpy Trumpy Felon'

Rainbow lampoons the recently indicted ex-president to the tune of "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy of Company B."

Donald Trump Is Indicted by N.Y. Grand Jury

The former president is the first to face criminal charges.