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The Target department store chain has evolved on LGBT rights over the years. For its support of transgender employees and customers using the bathroom of their choice, Target became the subject of a boycott by anti-LGBT activists.

Target CEO Defends Pulling LGBTQ+ Pride Merchandise, Cites Unprecedented Safety Threats

Brian Cornell reveals serious safety threats faced by Target employees due to conservative attacks on the store’s Pride Month collection.

Blue Jays Pitcher Anthony Bass Apologizes Over Transphobic Boycott Post

He apologized a day after he shared the transphobic video.

Dear Target: Please Ban the Threatening Customers, Not Your Pride Products

Target has long been ahead of the curve on inclusive policies — don't stop now, writes The Advocate's owner.

Right-Wing Anti-Vaxxer Threatens to 'Hunt' LGBTQ+ Supporters in Video

In the video, the Arizona man known for his past confrontations threatens Target for what he called "satanic pride shrines to children" in their stores.

Target's Pride Nutcracker Is Making the Yuletide Gayer

The doll has been selling out in stores across the country thanks to its popularity on social media. 

Hate Group: Cis Man's Alleged Sex Crime Is Why We're Boycotting Target

The American Family Association is grasping at straws in its anti-trans "Boycott Target" campaign.

Anti-LGBTQ Group Takes Credit (Wrongly) for Target Stock Decline

The American Family Association claims its boycott of Target is working, but investment experts cite other reasons for the retailer's market performance.

Why the Religious Right Hates Target

The anti-LGBTQ American Family Association is loudly calling for a boycott of the retailer.

Target Raises Minimum Wage to $11 an Hour

Target will raise its minimum wage to $11 an hour by the end of 2018 and to $15 an hour by the end of 2020.

Target to Install Gender-Neutral Bathrooms in All of Its Stores

The company will spend $20 million to outfit its 1,800 locations with inclusive facilities.


Someone Just Bombed a Target Bathroom

There is no indication that the latest incident of predatory bathroom behavior was perpetrated by a transgender person. 

Trans Target Customer Confronts Hateful Protester

When a man goes on an anti-trans rant at a Target store, a transgender shopper calls him out, saying among other things that other people's gender is none of his business.

The Long Evolution of Target

We love Target! We hate Target! We love Target again! The retailer has had a roller coaster relationship with LGBTs.

Anti-Abortion Activist Protests Target Bathroom Policy in Drag

The man admitted he's not transgender but warned about "crazy people that will do what I'm doing: dressing up and going into the women's restroom and putting women and children in harm's way." 

Ranking the Christian Right's 9 Favorite Companies

Some of the companies recommended by Faith Driven Consumer are actually LGBT-friendly,

Liberty Counsel: 'Pedophiles' Behind Trans-Inclusive Policies

So says the hate group's chairman, Mat Staver — but he doesn't identify any individuals or groups.

Trans Folks Free to Pee at Starbucks, Saks, Barnes & Noble

Those looking to relieve themselves at trans-affirming facilities can add the coffee and book-selling giants as well as department stores Lord & Taylor and Saks Fifth Avenue. 

Texas Attorney General Takes on Target

Ken Paxton says he's concerned for the safety of women and girls, despite overwhelming evidence that this policy does not provide cover for "bathroom predators."

Liberty Counsel Admits There Is No 'Bathroom Predator'

Anita Staver, the president of Liberty Counsel, claims Target's policy “put a bull's-eye on women.”