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Trans Target Customer Confronts Hateful Protester

Target protester

A new video shows a man in a Target store railing about pedophiles in restrooms and LGBT people going to hell — and a transgender person countering him in memorable fashion.

“Do not come to Target,” the man yells. “They let transgender people in the bathroom.” Then a fellow customer tells him, “There’s a transgender person right here,” to which he responds, “You’re gonna go to hell.”

“You’re gonna be an asshole for the rest of your life,” the trans person counters.

The anti-trans man goes on to say that “grown men” shouldn’t use restrooms with children, and the trans person replies that transgender women aren’t men. The two also get into a debate about God, as the man says God determines a person’s gender, and when he asks whether the trans person is a man or a woman, he gets a reply of “That’s none of your fucking business, is it?”

He claims Target has lost much business because of its trans-inclusive restroom policy, which allows customers and employees to use the restroom that matches their gender identity; company officials have said the recent reaffirmation of the policy has not hurt sales. He further makes the debunked argument that the policy is enabling pedophiles. Target personnel attempt to quiet him, then eventually escort him out of the store, while he threatens to sue if anyone touches him.

The video, posted to YouTube by a user named Shawn Wasson last Thursday, does not identify the location. The Advocate has requested additional information and will post it as it becomes available.

Watch below.

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