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#LeadWithLove Is a New Campaign That Urges Us to Move Forward

A sneak peek into the vision of artist Gia-Rayne Harris, the front woman of the new campaign #LeadWithLove. The campaign video will premiere soon in The Advocate.

Following the 2016 election, the U.S. experienced incredible highs and unspeakable lows. As we march into 2018, it's important for us as Americans to remind ourselves not only of our capacity to evolve and share, but to love.

To carry us into the new year, The Advocate teamed up with the campaign #LeadWithLove. The campaign is created and inspired by a collection of artists looking to move America forward. The campaign video, exclusively streamed on, centers around a young girl forced to face the painful images of the world: police brutality, riots, homelessness. Viewers get to see the world through her mind's eye as she is forced to face realities she is too young to understand. Her imagination creates a world of people who armor her and teach her to always #LeadWithLove.

"She represents the inner child in all of us. She reminds us that this need for love in the world starts when we look within ourselves," #LeadWithLove creator, Gia-Rayne Harris, says. "It is the idea that we take all of our own individual stories and use radical empathy to bridge divides, hold space, and choose love. By leading with love, we will also reignite hope and understanding across all barriers. We want to take this idea and make it a platform that allows us to relate to others as human beings."

Harris believes in order to truly make a difference we must stand, march, fight, and love alongside each other. "We must remember that future generations are looking to us for guidance in these trying times and it is our responsibility to leave a legacy of love."

For more information on #LeadWithLove, check them out on Instagram @LeadWithLoveCampaign.

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