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In The Advocate's Women section, readers can find out the latest news and updates that are important to lesbian, bisexual, and transgender women. Discover articles related to politics, arts and entertainment, health, parenting, business, travel, and more. Find out about women from all spheres of influence who are working toward advancing the LGBT rights movement like Tammy Baldwin, Guinevere Turner, Gloria Steinem, Ellen Page, Laverne Cox, and Diana Nyad. Watch videos, read articles, and stay up-to-date on all issues related to gay women.

Trans Woman Inmate Reaches Landmark Settlement with Minnesota Prison System

The settlement guarantees appropriate housing and treatment for all trans inmates in the state.

Trace Lysette on Her 'Monica' Moment and Leading Lady Status

Beautiful and brilliant (and, incidentally, trans), the actress is an early awards contender for her starring role in Monica. But will Hollywood continue to reward her talents?

Kamala Harris Emphasizes Diversity, Confronting Global Challenges at Historic West Point Graduation

The vice president was the first woman to give the school’s commencement address.

Hayley Kiyoko Creates a Lesbian Romance for Teens

Based on her iconic music video of the same name, Kiyoko’s debut novel knocks a queer YA romance out of the park.

Bi, Black, Fat, Disabled: Clarkisha Kent Is All That and More

This fearless writer navigates numerous identities. Read an excerpt from her new book describing how she achieved self-acceptance.

The American LGBTQ+ Museum Comes Into Focus

The forthcoming repository of queer history chooses a new executive for its leadership team, Suhaly Bautista-Carolina.

Jodi Balfour and the Power of Queer Storytelling

Out queer actress Jodi Balfour chats about LGBTQ+ representation on Ted Lasso and why her character’s coming-out arc on For All Mankind was so special.

More Than 50 of Our Favorite LGBTQ+ Moms

Our community's out moms could use some more visibility — and a big thank you too.

Book Club's Fonda, Bergen, Steenburgen on Women's Friendship, Sexual Agency

Jane Fonda, Candice Bergen, and Mary Steenburgen chat with The Advocate about Book Club: The Next Chapter and the importance of women supporting each other and depicting women over 60 who lead sexually full lives.

Tennessee Worse Than Texas? Rep. Gloria Johnson on Her State’s Spiral

Once given a closet as an office by GOP leadership, and with a target still on her back, Johnson refuses to stop fighting for what's right.

Montana Bill Would Erase Trans People, Threaten Women's Rights

Senate Bill 458 would define gender according to a person's reproductive capacities.

Love at First Listen: Woman Flies Across the World to Meet Her Podcast Crush

The two women are still together after more than 15 years together.

17 Women Who Changed the Course of LGBTQ+ History

For Women's History Month, we salute activists who've made LGBTQ+ history from the 1950s through the 2020s.

How This Queer Woman Became One of the Best Stunt Drivers in the Industry

Zandara Kennedy is one of the few women and queer stunt performers in Hollywood. Now she’s helping to open doors for other marginalized people in the industry.

‘The L Word: Generation Q’ Canceled After 3 Seasons

A reboot of The L Word is in development though.

The Heroes of ACT UP Are Dying

ACT UP’s Oral History Project celebrates a funding windfall while also mourning the sudden death of two of its most beloved longtime members.

Fans of 'A League of Their Own' Demand a Longer Renewal

After it was reported the queer-inclusive series would have only one more season, with just four episodes, fans were outraged.

Lily Tomlin Calls Rash of Anti-LGBTQ+ Bills 'Insane' and a 'Travesty'

The acclaimed lesbian performer minced no words in a recent interview.

On Equal Pay Day, Inequity Persists for Women, Including LGBTQ+ Ones

President Joe Biden is calling for action to close the pay gap.

‘A League of Their Own’ to End After Second Season

Prime Video has seemingly struck out the lauded queer series.