Hateful politicians scapegoat them; unhinged men try to kill them. Young queer people need our help during these frightening times, writes Abbe Land of the Trevor Project.

June 16 2016 6:49 PM

Lesbian YouTube celebrity Arielle Scarcella and friends produced this video featuring survivors of the Pulse nightclub shooting at a local benefit in Orlando, Fla. 

June 16 2016 3:55 AM

An issue we're afraid to talk about but need to. 

June 09 2016 5:08 AM

It's simple: When covering transgender people, include transgender people.

June 02 2016 1:38 PM

According to the Journal of Adolescent Health, transgender kids and teenagers are more likely than their peers to struggle with mental health issues, suicidal tendencies, and self-harm. 

May 27 2016 12:15 PM

The right wing's narrative is all wrong, and it has dangerous consequences.

May 27 2016 5:43 AM