Artist Spotlight: Kent Monkman

Monkman uses painting, sculpture, video, and awesome drag to settle a few scores. His work is hilarious and chilling all at once.



"We Agreed to Share, Not Surrender"
18.5" x 10.5" — 2011
Archival Giclee Print

Faint Heart 534
12" x 9" — 2008
watercolor on paper

Faint Heart 9,273
12" x 9" — 2008
watercolor on paper

Louis Vuitton Quiver
installation — 2007

Monkman has used the Louis Vuitton brand to refer to social hierarchies and monopolies of class, power, and wealth, established by trade among Europeans and Native Americans. Monkman has fashioned faux “Louis Vuitton” birch bark luggage (Boudoir de Berdashe) and an arrow quiver (Shooting Geronimo) that Miss Chief has worn in live performances and films.

Photo: Brian Boyle