Bookshelf: Five Great Overlooked Lesbian Books From 2012

Every so often a great book about queer women goes overlooked, much to readers' chagrin.



Red Nails, Black Skates: Gender, Cash and Pleasure On and Off the Ice by Erica Rand (Duke University Press)

The author was already a 40-something women's studies professor when she bought a pair of skates to get in shape. Within a few years she was competing in Gay Games and U.S. Figure Skating's annual Adult Nationals competition. Along the way Rand (a queer femme) addresses issues inherent in figure skating (like homophobia and heterosexism), looks at trans issues in sports, and explores the sexual norms and economic factors affecting athletics. Rather than being overly academic, Red Nails is smart and witty and warmly personal, a fascinating read for anyone interested in LGBT sports and queer lives. (

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