Aug Sept 2016
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Barney Frank's Gay Book Ideas

Barney Frank's Gay Book Ideas

In an interview with Boston's NPR station WBUR, outgoing gay congressman Barney Frank reflected on his four-decade career and pitched a couple ideas for books he'd like to write in his newfound spare time.

Frank told WBUR's Bob Oakes that he'd like to write a book about what he thinks liberals should be doing to empower themselves in government and a historical analysis of the ongoing fight for LGBT equality.

"Secondly, more specifically, I want to write a history of the gay rights movement in America," Frank said. "My career in government and the gay rights movement are virtually of the same age. I got elected to the state legislature in 1972, three years after Stonewall, which is really the beginning — the Stonewall riots of 1969 — of the gay rights movement. And I've been involved literally for 40 years in every movement to try and diminish the prejudice based on sexual orientation and later gender identity, and I want to write about that."

Listen to the interview here

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