Books for Young LGBT Folks and Anyone Who Wants to Understand Them

First loves, family problems, compelling discoveries, self-realization, and acceptance during adolescence to adult years are among the things found in this collection of books.


  UPDATED: September 24 2014 2:24 PM ET

The Culling by Steven Dos Santos (Flux, $9.99)

This is the first book in a planned series from debut author Steven Dos Santos, in which five teens over the age of 16 must viciously compete to become an agent of the Establishment, a totalitarian government that rules the futuristic world. In order for competitors to successfully participate and succeed, their family members are held as captives and killed if they should fail. Main character Lucian “Lucky” Sparks is betrayed by a close friend and becomes one of the five recruits for the Establishment, making his 4-year-old brother, Cole, the chosen family member to be killed. While Lucian fights to survive and forms edgy alliances with other recruits, he finds himself irresistably attracted to rebellious recruit Digory Tycho. But in the end, only one of them will survive, and Lucky will do whatever it takes to keep his brother and himself alive. This is an exciting read for all you adventure-seekers. It’s like the Hunger Games, except with gay characters. 

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