Brides of Sodom Star Domiziano Arcangeli Brings Homoeroticism To Horror

He partied with Elizabeth Taylor at 5. He posed semi-nude for Helmut Newton at 12. And he inspired legendary filmmaker Federico Fellini. Oh, and he's made 150 films. What hasn't Domiziano Arcangeli done?



Sex. Vampires. A cast of gay porn stars. The Brides of Sodom, the new film about a post-apocalyptic world overrun by supernatural predators (out tomorrow on VOD, DVD, and in select theaters), has enough homoerotic thrills to cast a twilight on True Blood. In the steamy trailer, washboard abs flash between scenes of blood and gore, which set the scene for forbidden, same-sex love between a human and a vampire.

“Porn stars—a lot of gay porn stars—and me,” joked leading man Domiziano Arcangeli, who locked lips with co-star — and adult entertainer — David Taylor, in the trailer. It's his second film this month to make gay waves. His other, Scenes from a Gay Marriage, is a gay romantic comedy that was the top pre-ordered DVD in the U.S. last week at

Arcangeli is no stranger to film, especially horror. The Italian-born actor, writer, and producer has appeared in 145 films, including such gruesome titles as Orgy of Blood, House of Flesh Mannequins, and Silent Night, Zombie Night. He is also no stranger to portraying gay characters, including his turn as a flamboyant stylist in the sexy 2002 Showtime series  

And Arcangeli's fans—nearly 100,000 on Twitter—are no strangers to the star's chiseled form. "I never had a problem with nudity," he confirmed.
He is a bit reserved about one thing, though. His sexual orientation. “I don’t identify as gay. I don’t identify as straight, either,”  said Arcangeli, a single father. “It’s somewhat very personal. I can tell you that I have loved. I can be very fond of women, and I can be very fond of men, too, in different ways.”
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