The Queer Irony of Ender's Game
July 31 2013 6:00 AM ET

The Queer Irony of Ender's Game

Jase Peeples

Despite the antigay views of Orson Scott Card, his most popular novel is an empowering story for LGBT youth.

July 29 2013 1:30 PM ET

WATCH: Peter Sarsgaard Recalls Gay Sex Scene in Kinsey

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We can think of 69 reasons for you to watch this Conan clip.

July 21 2013 3:15 PM ET

Andrew Garfield Knows a Gay Spider-Man 'Wouldn't Make Sense'

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How would you feel if Peter Parker 'was suddenly with a black guy' in The Amazing Spider-Man 3?

July 19 2013 8:15 PM ET

Boy Meets Bot: The Hottest Robot Movie Hunks

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Charlie Hunnam pushes all the right buttons as a pilot of humanoid war machines in 'Pacific Rim', but it's not the first robot flick to flip our switch. Beep, boop!

July 18 2013 1:50 PM ET

Outfest: Watch Hot Guys With Guns Clip

Wet Lubricant founder Michael Trigg makes a cameo in this film described as Chinatown meets Boystown

July 17 2013 11:46 AM ET

12 Gay Movies Straight Out of LA

There are definite themes in these 12 different movies about being gay in LA.

July 16 2013 8:00 PM ET

Help Bring Vampire Drag Queens to Life!

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You've got less than two weeks to make the short film Dragula a reality.

July 15 2013 3:23 PM ET

Outfest: 3 Sexy Must-See Foreign Films

All three of these foreign language films are taut narratives which ratchet up the tension with complicated, consequential situations.

July 15 2013 1:53 PM ET

After The Slope: On Set With Desiree Akhavan

About an "ambiguously ethnic bi-curious romantic,” the feature film also includes Scott Adsit (of 30 Rock), who plays an aging hipster dad.

So What If Spider-Man Liked Guys?
July 13 2013 4:16 AM ET

So What If Spider-Man Liked Guys?

Michelle Garcia

Andrew Garfield knows exactly who he would want to play the male MJ.

The Advocate's 17 Favorite Films at Outfest 2013
July 11 2013 3:00 AM ET

Our 18 Favorite Films at Outfest

Daniel Reynolds Sunnivie Brydum and Diane Anderson-Minshall

This year's Outfest features more than 150 films. The Advocate has chosen 18 of our favorites.

July 10 2013 4:30 PM ET

Andrew Garfield: Why Can't Spider-Man Be Gay?

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The Amazing Spider-Man star thinks Peter Parker should explore his sexuality in an upcoming film!

July 09 2013 1:30 PM ET

Must-Watch: Bridegroom at Outfest

The documentary explores the heartbreak and loss of one young California couple who were denied marriage equality