Gay Author Celebrates James Bond Just in Time for Bond Day and Skyfall

Why Gays Love James Bond

Author Mark O'Connell thinks gays have plenty of reason to celebrate 007.

Philippines Chooses Indie Film of an Old Gay Man as Oscars Entry

Indie Film of 75-Year-Old Gay Man Chosen as Philippines' Oscars Entry

Rene quietly ponders the solemn night, accompanied by crickets chirping and his dog’s eager barking.

First LGBT Themed 3D Film Makes Festival Premiere

First LGBT-Themed 3D Film Makes Festival Premiere

The first-ever LGBT-themed 3D film program launches with the premiere of the short Leviticus 20:13.

WATCH Hugh Jackman Anne Hathaway Discuss Les Mis

WATCH: Hugh Jackman, Anne Hathaway Discuss Les Mis

Hugh Jackman describes singing live in Les Misérables as a daunting but liberating experience in a new extended look at the film adaptation of the popular musical.

WATCH New Documentary Celebrates Being Out in the Open

WATCH: New Documentary Celebrates Being 'Out in the Open'

The film features straight and gay celebrities who talk about accepting themselves and one another.

Four Films That Tackle the Greatest Taboo

Four Films That Tackle the Greatest Taboo

Once homosexuality was the love that dared not speak its name, but with Ellen and Anderson on daytime and a dozen LGB (and occasionally T) characters on prime-time TV now, it's time to look at what might replace homosex in cinema's canon of taboo. Namely: consensual incest. With the recent release of the lesbian film Mary Marie, we look at four films that tackle incest and still made it to the screen. Mary Marie (2012): With the ethereal quality of The Virgin Suicides, Mary Marie is a sweet and disarming, dreamlike film in which Mary (Alana Kearns-Green) and her sister Marie (Alexandra Roxo) live in an insular state of perpetual childhood and semi-incestuousness. After their mother dies, the two girls do everything together, including sleeping and bathing, but when a handyman enters their (now adult) lives, the twosome must confront childhood's end or deal with the possibly violent repercussions of a love triangle. The two stars wrote the film, which is lovely and hard to define but a worthy look at extreme codependence.  

FIRST LOOK Jane Fonda as Nancy Reagan

FIRST LOOK: Jane Fonda as Nancy Reagan

Oprah Winfrey has tweeted the first look at Jane Fonda as former first lady Nancy Reagan in The Butler, an upcoming film that spans several decades in the White House.

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