Are you already working on your second album?
Um ...I think I’m ready, but [laughs], but I think I’ve got to slow down a little bit. Yeah, because I think it’s too early at the moment, but I’ve got some new creations in me. I mean, it’s really different because one year ago I was in my hometown and that was a little bit routine and I was always singing the same stuff. So this first album is in link with that. And that’s great; I accept that. But this second one is going to be different. This year, it was intense for me, and I’ve ... I’ve had lots of different experiences, lots of different cool stuff, some vices also ... I think it was really inspiration for me. For some artists, it’s hard to write a second album because maybe you’re scared ... but for me, it’s different. The first album, I was scared because I was in my little hometown, but I think the second is different because I’ve got too much inspiration, maybe. [Laughs]

How would you describe your relationship with Perez Hilton?
Perez saw my cover of [Britney Spears’s] “Womanizer” [online] and he put this on his blog maybe one year ago, a few months ago, yeah? And after that, he tried to get in touch with me ... and I really appreciate that. I already [had] a contract at Warner Music in France, and it was a contract for the world, so that was cool for me and Perez created a label for the United States, and it was a great experience for me. I accepted to do that with him. I met him in July. I went to L.A. and met him for the first time to talk about music and ... stuff.

And how did that go?
That was great. I was there just for maybe two days, so a little bit tiring. [Laughs] I think it’s a great experience. I think it’s important for people in the music ... [pause] ... oh, my English is so bad today! [Laughs] People work with you and you have to explain your music and ... who you are, really. You have to explain where you come from when you do that. It’s really important to explain that to people.

Speaking of language, you’re French, but you sing in English. Did you ever sing in French?
Umm, yeah. The English was like a passion for me when I was young. I started to sing when I was 9 years old, in a choir and in [a musical] ... and that was with other people and we were singing in English. I was really attracted by the English culture, also. I appreciate lots of different artists with lots of big personality — David Bowie or Boy George and lots of different artists who take part in this other culture. When I was young I was really attracted to that. I was like a geek, and I was watching lots of different series in English, movies, I was listening to lots of music. I was like a sponge ... when you’re ... you’re listening to lots of English and you try to talk and try to do the same intonations, and I think it’s like this.

You’ve been compared to a couple of people, especially Mika and Prince. Would you compare your style to anybody else?
Um, no. [Laughs] No, I think it’s important to draw comparisons to other people early on to put some link with the artist, but I think the comparisons just ... you have to do some other creations. You have to show onstage that you are different. I’m different. I really appreciate these artists. I really appreciate Prince, Mika, but I think that we are all different. It’s just a ... we have different lives. I don’t think that Mika comes from Saint-Etienne [Sliimy’s hometown in France] and that I come from London or something like that ...

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