And you have a song out now?
Yeah. YouTube has made people know me through my sign language, because that’s all I was putting on YouTube. And I didn’t want to be one of those YouTubers who are like, “Look at me sing.” I’m not that kind of person. That’s kind of cheesy. I love singing. It’s my first passion. So I figured, “Let me have fun with it. Let me make songs that I like and that I write myself.” I write the instrumental tracks myself. Not the one that’s on iTunes right now, that was another person. I’ll make the video for it the same way I do other artists. It doesn’t have to be this cheesy, “pick me,” kind of thing. It’s a hobby, and I’ve always wanted to sing, so why not. Why not be the performer that I want to be.

What been the most shocking response to your videos?
I get hate mail ... a lot of hate mail. For example, for the “Bad Romance” video, I got things like, “Well, why do you have to wear things that a gay, stereotypical man would wear?” Or “That was like a giant porno flick.” And I’m like, you know, “Did you happen to see the real artist and what they were wearing?” They were wearing thongs and boob cones that are sparking, and you’re talking about my videos? Really? As far as the costume, it goes with the artist — it goes with the vibe of the song. I did “Break Ya Neck” [Busta Rhymes] and I was wearing this puffed out coat with a backward hat with a gold tooth in my mouth. It just goes with it.

Does the hate mail ever go beyond the costumes?
I used to have this guy who’d come on my page all the time — “Faggot, you’re going to burn in hell.” He’d send me videos of the Southern Baptist church. I specifically got it when I posted the “Gays Should Not Marry” video and it went viral. But now it’s kind of stopped. I don’t know, I guess YouTube isn’t the place for that kind of social interaction anymore. I used to get hounded. The other shocking thing, I guess, is when I’m recognized walking down the street.

What is the next video you’re working on?
The next video will be for my song “Nasty Habit.” It’s kind of a gay “... Baby One More Time.” It’s all Catholic schoolboys with the Harry Potter ties, the teacher’s kind of hitting on me, we’re in the hallways with the lockers, dancing. There’s a shower scene at the end of it, which is really kind of hot. 

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