Rapper Blames Kanye for 'Queering' Hip-Hop

Lord Jamar's newest song slams Kanye West for wearing a kilt and skinny jeans.



Lord Jamar (left) and Kanye West
Lord Jamar (left) and Kanye West

Rapper Lord Jamar takes issue with Kanye West's fashion choices, and shared his thoughts on a song mocking the rapper titled "Lift Up Your Skirt."

Lord Jamar calls West's fashion choices "queer s---" on the song released online on Monday. West has a fashion line, is known for extravagant garb, and wore a kilt onstage during his Watch the Throne tour and 12-12-12 shows. Lord Jamar also tweeted, "Yes, let's not call this DISS TRACK...it's a FACTS TRACK #LiftUpYourSkirt"

However, after media and followers fired back at Lord Jamar, he countered that he "never said Kanye was gay" and that he has "nothing against Kanye as a musician or a person."

He added, "It's the use of his influence to promote the unnatural (wearing of a woman's cloths [sic]) as natural that I have a problem with. Sexuality has nothing to do with this."

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