EXCLUSIVE: Bernie Taupin & T Bone Burnett Discuss Elton John's 'The Diving Board'

In a rare interview, Elton John's long-time collaborator and producer discuss the single's lyrics

The Gayness of Anna Nicole Opera Revealed

Richard Thomas on why gay men love the Anna Nicole story, how opera diminishes the violence of language, and why it may be time for Jerry Springer to finally reach Broadway

WATCH: Ryan Amador Smear Away Hate in 'Define Me' Video

The singer-songwriter delivers positive message in moving new song/video

WATCH: Jewish Boys Kiss, Make Yarmulkes Sexy

Yeshiva boys go wild in a new music video.

WATCH: Detox, Willam, and Vicky Vox Take on Amanda Bynes

And just when she thought Miley Cyrus's craziness had stolen her spotlight.

WATCH: Boylesque Troupe Moonlights as Gay Unicorn Superheroes

And like Miley Cyrus, they "Can't Be Tamed"!

WATCH: Drag Divas 'Fight for Your Right to Be Queer'

A pro-gay song parody written in 1993 by Sherry Vine and Misstress Formika has finally gotten an edgy and empowering video.

WATCH: Gay Russians, You're 'Wonderful'

Out singer Mister Chase dedicates his new video to LGBT folks oppressed by Russia's antigay laws and atmosphere.

WATCH: Boy George Is Still the 'King of Everything'

A new video looks back at the gay pop legend's most iconic moments.

WATCH: Gay Country Star Steve Grand Gets Lucky in New Video 'Stay'

More summer fun and shirtless horseplay from country music's great gay hope.

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