Perez Hilton Takes No Prisoners
December 10 2009 3:55 PM ET

Perez Hilton Takes No Prisoners

Lesley Goldberg

The polarizing blogger sounds off on his latest feud, his favorite targets, a potential lawsuit by Drew Barrymore, and his new book, True Bloggywood Stories.

November 14 2009 11:00 AM ET

The Advocate Goes to Court With Marc Christian

Advocate Contributors

Is Rock Hudson's ex the man for you?

A Porn Stars Goth Past
November 11 2009 8:55 PM ET Editors

Skin flick star Aiden Shaw is known as a big, beefy Brit, but as his own recently released photos show, as an adolescent he was a goth who wore more eyeliner than Boy George.

People of the Year Liebovitz Sigurdardottir Murphy Crawford Kramer
November 10 2009 11:00 AM ET Editors

The Advocate's People of the Year series continues with photographer Annie Leibovitz, Iceland's Prime Minister Jóhanna Sigurdardóttir, Glee creator Ryan Murphy, DC for Marriage founder Michael Crawford and gay activist and writer Larry Kramer.

Eternal VIxen
October 15 2009 2:05 PM ET

Duane Wells

  From working with a difficult Bette Davis to her inspiring friendship with Gregory Peck, Joan Collins, Dynasty’s bitch you loved to hate, opens up about her wicked life in her new stage show.

Woman on Top
September 11 2009 10:00 AM ET

Tyra Banks: Woman on Top

Brandon Voss

The former supermodel shares some drag-worthy beauty secrets and reveals who’s still in the running towards becoming her next gay best friend.

Trevor Wayne’s Pin-Up Show
September 11 2009 7:05 AM ET

Trevor Wayne’s Pin-Up Show

Duane Wells

Inked, out, and "alternative," model Trevor Wayne strips down and talks to about challenging gay stereotypes -- and offers up a dozen images from his upcoming mini-mag Pin-Up Show and his collaboration with Clive Barker.

The Legend of Zelda
August 05 2009 12:00 AM ET

The Legend of Zelda Editors

The fearless contributions of one tough "mother."  

Calpernia Adams
August 01 2009 12:00 AM ET

Calpernia Adams Editors

Calpernia Adams

Black and Gay Like Me
February 02 2009 1:00 AM ET

Black and Gay Like Me 

Ari Karpel

After Wanda Sykes stood up in front of a crowd of thousands and declared that she’s a lesbian, she became a poster girl for black and gay America, whether she likes it or not. 

A True Gentleman
October 08 2008 12:00 AM ET

A True Gentleman

Mark Thompson

Recollections of an unforgettable spirit named John Burnside.