Robert Verdi Knows the Look

Robert Verdi has styled stars from Eva Longoria to Hugh Jackman -- and now, he's helping women over 35 realize their dreams of becoming fashion models with She's Got the Look .




You had a small part in the now classic fashion comedy The Devil Wears Prada. What was that like?Well, it was fabulous; I don't know how they could have done it without me [laughs]. I mean, it was really fun because when I arrived on the set, Meryl came over to me and she said "What are you doing here?" and I said, "I'm going to play myself on the red carpet and interview you" and she said "That's a stretch." It was really funny. I was only in the film for a few seconds, but I was there for eight hours. But it was exciting because all the stars of the movie were in my scene. It was my first quote unquote role in a movie and it was opposite Meryl Streep. "My first acting role was opposite Meryl Streep" -- I'm writing that in my diary tonight.

Any other acting roles coming up?It's interesting because I had a run of auditions after that but I didn't get any of the parts -- although I am in the season finale of Ugly Betty .

You're already a multi-hyphenate designer-stylist-TV host-etc., but is there any additional job you'd secretly like to do?I don't think I could do more than I already do. Although I would like to work with Michelle Obama, with less of a focus on how she actually dresses and more about harvesting the fascination people have with her style and creating a comprehensive event that helps people understand how important fashion is in the machine of our commerce.

In the past, you've styled the weddings of such celebrities as Eva Longoria. When marriage equality happens in New York, will you style your own big day or let someone else?I am too big of a control freak, so I'll do it [laughs]. But I'm definitely the type of person who has an approach to creative expressions where I'll ask a lot of other people their opinions. But, in the end, I always do what I want [laughs].

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