Reality According to Kristin Cavallari

Will gay characters and girl crushes make the cut on season 6 of The Hills? Find out what happens when MTV’s resident “bitch” stops being polite and starts getting as real as her producers will allow.




Do you read the gossip blogs?
I’ll look at them every once in a while, but I’m trying to make myself stop. But even if you don’t look at them, you hear about everything anyway because you have 20 people telling you what they say about you.

I’ll admit I got excited earlier this month when I heard the rumor that you were secretly dating John Mayer.
I just thought it was funny. I met him once for five minutes, so it’s like, “Oh, we’ve been dating for two years? Really?” He is very good-looking, but I don’t need people thinking I’m another girl he’s gotten.

Should people stop whining about how staged The Hills is and start watching it the same way they watch Melrose Place or 90210?
I just don’t understand why people care so much. It’s a TV show. No one has an issue with Melrose Place not being like real life. I really don’t see the difference.

In my opinion, the most unbelievable thing about the show is that there aren’t more gay people on it.
I know, and I wish there were. I mean, we’re in West Hollywood all the time, so come on. I definitely have a lot of gays in my life, but I don’t necessarily have much say on who gets on the show. Sometimes I can have a couple friends come with me when we’re filming group things, but I don’t really get to film with whoever I want. But I hear you, and I’ll see what I can do about that.

Who’s your gay BFF?
Jack [Ketsoyan] is my best friend and my publicist, which is great. We’ve been working together a long time. And the guy who colors my hair, Justin Anderson, is also gay and one of my favorite people. ran a gossip item last year that you were drunkenly asking a girl to make out with you at a party. Are you totally a three-beer bisexual?
That’s funny. I don’t think I heard about that one. I’ve definitely made out with girls before, but it was more of a high school thing. I don’t think I would ever do that now. But if I see a girl I think is really pretty, I’ll tell her, “Hey, I think you’re hot.” But that’s about it.

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