Becoming Bianca



CHRISTINA BENNET LIND X390 (PUBLICITY) | ADVOCATE.COMDid your predecessor, Eden Riegel, send you any well wishes upon assuming the role?
I know she has a Twitter account. She said something that was very sweet and supportive. I think it had something to do with how alike we look, which is quite a compliment to me. Everyone I have been working with has said to me, “Oh, we loved Eden, but we also love this character, and we are going to embrace you.” Other than that, I have not heard anything from Eden, but I would love to hear from her.

How is working with Susan Lucci (Erica) as your on-screen mom?
She is amazing. Susan is a constant professional and open and available. For someone who has been doing this for so long, it’s quite an amazing thing how much integrity and how much work ethic she has. I thought I would be nervous just getting on set with her but she is very giving, and open. I can see why she is the epicenter of Pine Valley. She came in from her morning off the other day with two dozen crumb cupcakes for everyone.

Which none of the girls ate, I suppose? [Laughs]
Yeah, no. They just sort of disappeared, though. All the actresses stood there and said, “Wow, those are really beautiful” [laughs].

Did you screen-test with Susan?
I screen-tested with Rebecca Budig (Greenlee) and Cameron Mathison (Ryan) and there were five of us in the finals for the role. Rebecca and Cameron auditioned us on set, which was truly amazing. I feel like those are the two I am fairly close with right now. I saw Susan from afar while I was testing!

Is there a gay issue that you would love to see addressed now through Bianca?

I think they have done an amazing job at All My Children of presenting a gay story long before it was the somewhat “norm” ... the first gay on-screen kiss, a marriage, and things that the gay community in America are fighting for, their civil rights and equality. It seems Pine Valley is cool with Bianca. But what I am a little curious to see is some sort of real-life conflict arrive and see that some people in her small town do not accept her sexuality. In a sense, that is pretty relevant and controversial and true. Because Pine Valley is the exception, it’s a beautiful utopia right now. I wouldn’t mind attacking those issues that are happening in small towns right now.

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