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JOAN AND MELISSA 3 X390 (WETV) | ADVOCATE.COMSpeaking of your team, there’s a story that’s been circulating, which may just be a gay urban legend, but I heard that you, Cher, and Kathy Griffin recently had a “girls only” party at Cher’s house.
It’s true and it was great. The rule was no makeup and no hair. We sat there and had wine and sushi and just talked and talked. It was a great, great night. We talked about who’s done what, who’s screwing whom, who’s a liar, just everything. We all had a wonderful time.

Give us the lowdown on your handsome Fashion Police sidekick George Kotsiopoulos.
He is so cute. Go look up the old actor Cornel Wilde. He looks just like him. He’s adorable.

I appreciate how he stands his ground and isn’t afraid to disagree with you.

He’s a stylist and he knows his stuff. And he’s a cutie pie.

The fiancé of Kelly Osbourne, another of your Fashion Police cohorts, recently left her for a transgender model.
Probably, probably ... I adore Kelly, but she runs with a very fast crowd and God knows what’s going on in that set. It’s OK, though. She’s young and needs to get a couple of knocks. You know what I mean? It’s OK. She’s doing just fine.

I have to ask about your movie Rabbit Test [which Rivers directed in 1978], because I think it’s hilarious.

You’ve just made me a friend for life.

It reminded me of Mel Brooks and early Woody Allen, yet it was so poorly received. Why didn’t you direct another film?
It came out too early. It came out before Animal House and before Airplane! The critics were so mean, so universally mean, that I never wanted to direct again. Later came Airplane! and Caddyshack and they thought they were hilarious. We were just too early. We were first, and you should never be the first in anything. You should always be second.

Last month your appearance on Fox was canceled because of comments you made about Sarah Palin. Now Tracy Morgan is getting a lot of mileage out of Palin, and Kathy Griffin certainly has in the past. Do comedians consider Palin the gift that keeps on giving?
Yes. Thank you, thank you, God, for her sending that daughter who can’t dance to Dancing With the Stars. You wait for the Kate Gosselins of the world who don’t know the names of all their children. As a comedian you pray for things like this. Oh, yes! The only thing we’re being careful of is poor Zsa Zsa Gabor and her one leg. I have a great joke, but I just can’t do it yet. [Laughs] But, yes, you pray for things like that.

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