Skyler Cooper Is Smokin’ Hot on  



SKYLAR COOPER RUPAULS DRAG U X560 | ADVOCATE.COMThe actress stars in a new short film, Frederica, which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival, as well as Hooters, a documentary about the making of The Owls.

Cooper is currently in Los Angeles shooting a film called Halloween Party, and she’s fast at work on her new screenplay (her first behind-the-scenes job on a movie). She says Drag U did give her some takeaways.

“It validated what I felt all along: that whether you like the masculine or the feminine Skyler outer appearance, I am the same person on the inside,” she says. “I was always willing to bring out the more feminine side of myself as an actor for a part, but not for real life, as I did not really grow up using that side of myself. I will say this: When I looked in the mirror I did see someone different but yet the same. It's like the masculine Skyler took a backseat, but I knew she was there.”

A personal trainer in what little spare time she has, Cooper has been a body builder for nearly two decades. She says she identifies “as having two spirits in one body. So when I inhabit something that is completely opposite of the other I can really feel the shift. Internally, I straddle the line of masculine and feminine for most if not all of my life. But I’ve got to say feminine sex appeal is really powerful. I now see why for some women it can be intoxicating to know you don’t have to lift a finger to control someone.” 

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