The Best of Times With Nick Adams



Another opening, another show! La Cage has now opened on Broadway to complete rave reviews and appears to be the critical success of the season. Thank God! It seems as if just a few weeks ago a group of strangers assembled in a room and began the process of putting it together. Time flies when you are doing what you love.

The weeks before opening included an unprecedentedly short preview and tech period. The show had been transferred from London, so the sets, lighting plots, and rigging were already established. The show was not going to undergo many drastic changes for a New York audience, so it allowed us to condense this part of the journey. During tech, the Cagelles managed to take an early morning photo session together, in full beat at about 7 a.m., for the upcoming issue of Out magazine. We were fortunate to be included in their "Hot List" this season. I was happy to work with the publication once again and see some familiar faces at the photo shoot.

Tags: Theater