WATCH: Jon Stewart on Right Wing's Obsessions With Bestiality and 'Wussification'

Stewart takes conservatives to task for their habit of bringing bestiality into discussions of marriage equality and for defending disgraced college basketball coach Mike Rice.



Jon Stewart was in particularly good form on The Daily Show this week, riffing on right-wingers’ apparent obsession with bestiality and their defense of an abusive basketball coach who used homophobic slurs.

“What is it with you people and the animal [bleepers]?” Stewart said Wednesday night after showing clips of conservative activist Ben Carson and Texas Republican congressman Louie Gohmert invoking bestiality in explaining their opposition to marriage equality.

Then, on last night’s episode, Stewart wondered how anyone could defend Rutgers University basketball coach Mike Rice, who was fired this week after video surfaced of him physically abusing his players and calling them “fairy” and “faggot.” After showing a clip of Fox News host Sean Hannity saying he turned out OK despite being, as a child, hit with a belt by his father as a disciplinary measure, Stewart said, “Seriously?” You’re OK? Have you seen your show?”

Watch both segments below.



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