The 10 Cattiest, Craziest Antigay Comments of 2013

Drawing on religious zealots, right-wing politicians, and more, we list 10 bigots whose insane antigay comments proved they're crazier than a bag of cats.



Scott Lively: Butch Homosexuals Are Beating Femme Russian Gays

Antigay evangelical preacher Scott Lively told fellow antigay right-winger Linda Harvey on Harvey's Mission America radio show in November that the LGBT Russians being harassed, kidnapped, beaten, raped, arrested, and sometimes dying, are actually victims of angry butch gay people.

"The guys that are beating up gays in Russia — and it’s not any more prevalent than it ever has been, really, and it isn’t all that prevalent at all," Lively said, "but the ones that are doing it are butch homosexuals who are beating up effeminate homosexuals, the same thing that happened in Germany; this is gay-on-gay crime, at least that is what it appears to be."

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