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WATCH: Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi Recreate 'Bound 2'
December 08 2013 3:15 PM ET

WATCH: Ellen and Portia Recreate Bound 2

Jami Smith

Thanks to Kanye West, Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi have a sexy new Christmas card this year.

The Daily Show's Gaywatch, Feat. Ian McKellen, Rick Santorum, and Cardinal Dolan
December 03 2013 3:23 PM ET

Gaywatch Alert: Rick Santorum and Cardinal Dolan

Jase Peeples

From mocking the Catholic Church and antigay former politicians to chatting with out actor Ian McKellen, last night's episode of The Daily Show was filled with LGBT goodies.

WATCH: Colbert Blasts Okla. Gov's Antigay Military Policy
November 22 2013 3:08 PM ET

WATCH: Colbert Mocks Okla. Antigay Military Policy

Jase Peeples

The Colbert Report host weighed in on the Oklahoma governor’s announcement that the state’s National Guard will stop processing spousal benefits requests for all married couples to avoid extending services to same-sex spouses.

Stephen Colbert: Gays Are Endangering Russia's Olympics by Existing
November 21 2013 1:46 PM ET

WATCH: Colbert on Russia's Rainbow Olympic Uniforms

Jase Peeples

The Colbert Report host lampooned Russian organizers for the Sochi Winter Olympics for banning displays of the LGBT rainbow flag and then choosing rainbow-colored uniforms.

WATCH: Santorum Tells Colbert Heterosexuals Have Lost Marriage
November 20 2013 1:26 PM ET

WATCH: Santorum Tells Colbert Heteros Have Lost Marriage

Jase Peeples

Stephen Colbert ruthlessly mocked an oblivious Rick Santorum during his appearance on last night’s episode of The Colbert Report.

Jon Stewart Slams Liz Cheney, Mocks Hallmark for Nongay Ornament
November 19 2013 2:03 PM ET

Jon Stewart Slams Liz Cheney, Mocks Hallmark Ornament

Jase Peeples

The Daily Show host mocks Hallmark's not-gay ornament and the Cheney family feud on latest edition of 'GayWatch.'

WATCH: George Takei and Jesse Tyler Ferguson in First Gay Edition of 'The Bachelor'
November 18 2013 2:27 PM ET

WATCH: The First Gay Edition of The Bachelor

Jase Peeples

Out actors George Takei and Jesse Tyler Ferguson highlight the problems of gay dating reality shows in a new video for Funny or Die.

WATCH: W. Kamau Bell Breaks Down the Difference Between Sex and Gender
November 13 2013 2:59 PM ET

WATCH: W. Kamau Bell Breaks Down the Difference Between Sex and Gender

Jase Peeples

W. Kamau Bell clears up a Fox News host's confusion on transgender issues with an easy-to-follow guide.

November 07 2013 4:30 PM ET

WATCH: The Last Gay 'Blurred Lines' Parody Ever

View at

Ignore that November chill in the air, because the song of summer is still going strong — at least for the One Orientation gang.

Stephen Colbert Apologizes to Gays
November 06 2013 2:12 PM ET

Stephen Colbert Apologizes to Gays

Jase Peeples

After learning about a new study that claims male insects have accidental gay sex, the Colbert Report host is updating his opinion on homosexuality.

October 31 2013 4:30 PM ET

WATCH: It's Britney, Witch!

View at

The pop princess recites the Vincent Price monologue from Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” in a campy new BBC Radio promo.

October 31 2013 4:00 PM ET

WATCH: Chloe Gets Horrored in Her Spook Spot

View at

Good evening, America. It’s recently come to our attention that there’s a spooky new “Chloe” video out — and just in time for Halloween!

Daily Show Names Alabama and Mississippi Gayest States
October 30 2013 12:20 PM ET

WATCH: Daily Show Names Ala. and Miss. Gayest States

Jase Peeples

Watch what happens when two actors pose as a gay couple in the deep south.