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Best Tweet Ever Explains What Not to Use for Stuffing Your Pants at Pride
June 12 2012 3:09 PM ET

Best Tweet Ever: What Not to Use to Stuff Your Pants at Pride

Jami Smith

Pride month is about celebrating acceptance and tolerance… right after a few more digs about Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney. Then, totally back to acceptance and tolerance. Every week, The Advocate's Jami Smith brings you the top 10 tweets from LGBT comedians and their straight allies. New jokes are posted every day on Twitter. Join the more than 5,600 people who already follow @gaysayer. And now a post from your host: Happy Pride and Prejudice month, gays and dads! — Jami Smith (@jamismithcomic) June 11, 2012 Number 10: some dude: "hey, we're wearing the same tshirt from the gap." me: "you shop in the gaylady section, too?" — kristin holloway (@kh2o) June 3, 2012   Number 9: If loving you is a crime then you've probably got the same lawyer as my ex-girlfriend. — Big Gay Ferris Wheel (@SodomyClown) June 9, 2012   Number 8: Never doubt Newt Gingrich's powers of persuasion. He did manage to convince three women to marry him, that we know of. — LOLGOP (@LOLGOP) June 6, 2012

Best Tweet Ever Reimagines the Green Lantern
June 03 2012 10:42 AM ET

Best Tweet Ever: Some Super Heroes Are Gay, Get Over It

Jami Smith

This week in Best Tweet Ever, a super hero comes out of the closet, Donald Trump, and Kristen Stewart.

WATCH Jimmy Kimmel Asks Have You Ever Had A Gay Experience
May 19 2012 4:09 PM ET

WATCH: Jimmy Kimmel Asks 'Have You Ever Had A Gay Experience?'

Jeremy Kinser

To celebrate President Obama's support of marriage equality, talk show host Jimmy Kimmel posed the question "have you ever had a gay experience" to pedestrians outside his Hollywood studio.

Bristol Palin Watches Too Much Television in Best Tweet Ever
May 18 2012 7:07 PM ET

Best Tweet Ever: Bristol Palin Watches Too Much Television

Jami Smith

Gaysayer reads LGBT-related tweets, picks the most hilarious, and then sends them your way.

Jon Stewart Feels the Up and Down of Obama and North Carolina
May 10 2012 3:20 PM ET

Jon Stewart: North Carolina Is a Happiness Squelch

Lucas Grindley

Comedian Jon Stewart channeled the frustration LGBT people felt Wednesday when learning that President Obama had come out for marriage equality but that North Carolina had banned it. "Congratulations, North Carolina, because for a moment I was feeling a brief glimpse of what I guess doctors would call happiness," he said on The Daily Show. He then ripped up the logic that North Carolinians invoked when voting against same-sex marriage.