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WATCH: Drama! Stephen Guarino Has 2 Minutes, 6 Seconds to Live

Logo is launching The Vines of Sauvignon Blanc, a soap opera for short attention spans available exclusively on Vine.

WATCH: John Oliver Eviscerates 'Crazy' Antigay Opponents Around the World

WATCH: John Oliver Eviscerates 'Crazy' Antigay Opponents

John Oliver had biting critique for opponents to LGBT equality in Russia, France, and stateside on Thursday's episode of The Daily Show.

WATCH: Margaret Cho Is Out of Jail and In Transition

The funny lady is debuting her new web series next month. Watch the trailer here.

A Standup Comic Who is an HIV Innovator?

WATCH: Downtown Abbey Is a Drag

Your favorite queens and gaylebs have all T, all shade for the British drama in a new Funny or Die video.

<em>Gay of Thrones</em> Season Finale Has a Twist Ending

Gay of Thrones Season Finale Has a Twist Ending

It's goodbye for now to our favorite Game of Thrones spoilers.

WATCH: Where the Bears Are Season 2 Premiere

Everyone's favorite web series about big gay guys is finally back — hairier and wetter than ever.

Blanche Week Finale! Jodie Foster and RuPaul Jokes

Blanche Week Finale! Jodie Foster and RuPaul Jokes

We're finishing our week of celebrity roasts with a double blanching!

What It's Like on Comedian Alec Mapa's Fire Island

What It's Like on Alec Mapa's Fire Island

Half Share premieres tonight on Here TV.

WATCH: But Who Pays on a Gay First Date?

A new video tackles the question of who should pick up the check.

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