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WATCH: You're Invited to a Boy Dance Party!

Led by host Bruce Willis, the men of SNL relieve stress by shaking that sack.

WATCH: 'Full Frontal Clooney' Is a Happy Story

Wait, did they actually show an uncensored peen pic on The Daily Show?

WATCH: Mimi Imfurst Makes Boys Dress Like Sandwiches

The Drag Race all-star reworks Britney's 'Work Bitch' into a tribute to meat and bread.

WATCH: Sherry Vine Tops Britney With 'Twerk B*tch' Parody

Can the drag diva make a parody video that’s not about sex or farting?

WATCH: Billy Eichner Plays the Game 'Obamacare or Shut Up!'

WATCH: Billy Eichner Plays 'Obamacare or Shut Up!'

Comedian Billy Eichner has a new game called, "Obamacare or Shut Up!" and actress Olivia Wilde nails it.

Performer David Ilku Channels Alter Ego for His Latest Romp

WATCH: Tina Turnstile Is Tired of Bloomberg's NYC

The latest David Ilku character sends a serious message to the next mayor of New York City.

WATCH: Conan O'Brien Is a Red Hot Ginger Too

When it comes to sexy guys, the talk show host knows that orange is the new black.

WATCH: The John Boehner Party Gets Wild on SNL

WATCH: The John Boehner Party Gets Wild on SNL

Republicans know how to have a good time — at your expense.

WATCH: They'll Never Be Straight Boys in This Gay 'Royals' Parody

Oh, Lorde! YouTuber Daveo Falaveo may've made the gayest parody video you'll see all year.

WATCH: Is Putin Actually a Fabulous Gay Cyborg?

When it comes to the Russian president, the wacky gang at Mashed has a wildly animated imagination.

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