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WATCH: SNL Spoofs Hillary Clinton's YouTube Video

WATCH: SNL Spoofs Hillary Clinton's YouTube Video

Will Kate McKinnon be our favorite Hillary impression yet?

#TBT: Tuxedo Entitlement

#TBT: Tuxedo Entitlement

As we get close to prom season again, may we remind you that women have been sporting men's formal wear for over 100 years?

WATCH: Seth Meyers Won't Be 'Saving the Pizza' Anytime Soon

WATCH: Seth Meyers Won't Be 'Saving the Pizza' Anytime Soon

Last night's episode of Late Night shows that Seth Meyers probably isn't a fan of pizza, or antigay businesses.

WATCH: Jon Stewart 'Shuts Up' Mike Huckabee's RFRA Comments

WATCH: Jon Stewart 'Shuts Up' Mike Huckabee

Jon Stewart had a few choice words for supporters of Indiana's Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

SNL Takes Aim at CNN's Don Lemon, 'Religious Discrimination' Coverage

SNL Takes Aim at CNN's Don Lemon, Indiana Coverage

Fox News is usually in Saturday Night Live's crosshairs, but apparently CNN deserves to be lampooned as well.

WATCH: Meet James Van Der Beek's Hilarious Homophobic Indiana Salesman

Meet James Van Der Beek's Hilarious Homophobic Salesman

Actors James Van Der Beek and Anna Camp show exactly what Indiana's Religious Freedom Restoration Act looks like in action.

#TBT: Male Pattern Badness

Male Pattern Badness

Unseamly, biased comments tailored to keep you in stitches.

WATCH: Conan's Hilarious Interview With Indiana's 'Religious Freedom Czar'

WATCH: Conan Grills Indiana's 'Religious Freedom Czar'

Conan O'Brien sat down with Indiana's Religious Freedom Czar to get all of the 'real' details behind the highly disputed Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

Ellen's 11 Most Uproarious, April Fool's-Approved Pranks

Ellen's 11 Best April Fool's-Approved Pranks

Everyone’s favorite talk show host is also one of the world's greatest pranksters. In honor of April Fool's Day, here are her best mischievous moments.

The Best Drag Take on Madonna Is By a Woman

The Best Drag Take on Madonna Is By a Woman

Comedian Nadya Ginsburg skewers Madonna online and on stage, but she says it's all out of love.

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