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Dressing as Homophobes for Halloween? Now THAT'S Scary
October 30 2013 7:00 AM ET

Dress as a Homophobe for Halloween? Now That's Scary Editors

Need a last-minute costume? Here are a few selections sure to elicit some shrieks.

October 25 2013 5:00 PM ET

WATCH: Drag Race All-Star Wants 'Someone to Screw'

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The drag diva has reworked Adele's 'Someone Like You' into something fantastically filthy.

WATCH: Stephen Colbert Enraged by Girly Marine Hats
October 25 2013 1:45 PM ET

WATCH: Stephen Colbert Enraged by 'Girly' Marine Hats

Jase Peeples

The Colbert Report host mocks conservatives who are panicking over a proposed change to hats warn by the U.S. Marine Corps.

WATCH: Zach Quinto, Ellen, NPH Warn 'Voting Makes You Gay'
October 25 2013 11:49 AM ET

WATCH: Zach Quinto Warns 'Voting Makes You Gay'

Sunnivie Brydum

Out actors Ellen DeGeneres, Jane Lynch, Neil Patrick Harris, Zachary Quinto and Andy Cohen are turning voter suppression tactics back on the Republicans so fond of using them.

October 24 2013 5:00 PM ET

WATCH: George Takei Reads Gay Trekkie Fan Fiction

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The Star Trek legend gives slash shippers a thrill on the Watch What Happens Live! after show.

WATCH: Jon Stewart Celebrates Marriage Equality in 'The Newark Normal'
October 22 2013 12:08 PM ET

WATCH: Jon Stewart on Marriage Equality in 'Newark Normal'

Sunnivie Brydum

The Daily Show anchor celebrated the arrival of marriage equality in his home state with characteristic snark.

PHOTO: Going Once, Twice, at HRC Dinner
October 20 2013 8:35 PM ET

PHOTO: Going Once, Twice, at HRC Dinner

Advocate Contributors

The Human Rights Campaign's 17th annual national dinner in Washington, D.C. on October 5 included an Ally for Equality Award for Jennifer Lopez, and...

October 18 2013 3:00 PM ET

WATCH: Rambo Goes Gay in Manly Musical Parody

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As Quentin Tarantino says, 
'Gay subtext always makes every movie better.'

October 14 2013 12:30 PM ET

WATCH: You're Invited to a Boy Dance Party!

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Led by host Bruce Willis, the men of SNL relieve stress by shaking that sack.

October 11 2013 7:15 PM ET

WATCH: 'Full Frontal Clooney' Is a Happy Story

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Wait, did they actually show an uncensored peen pic on The Daily Show?

October 10 2013 5:00 PM ET

WATCH: Mimi Imfurst Makes Boys Dress Like Sandwiches

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The Drag Race all-star reworks Britney's 'Work Bitch' into a tribute to meat and bread.

October 09 2013 3:00 PM ET

WATCH: Sherry Vine Tops Britney With 'Twerk B*tch' Parody

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Can the drag diva make a parody video that’s not about sex or farting?

WATCH: Billy Eichner Plays the Game 'Obamacare or Shut Up!'
October 09 2013 1:03 PM ET

WATCH: Billy Eichner Plays 'Obamacare or Shut Up!'

Jami Smith

Comedian Billy Eichner has a new game called, "Obamacare or Shut Up!" and actress Olivia Wilde nails it.

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