COMMENTARY: We all seem to get very mad, and for good reason, when Ann Coulter or the latest right-wing pundit uses the word “faggot” or spews that gay people are the downfall of civilization. Yet we don’t get upset about organizations like the San Francisco–based QUIT -- Queers Undermining Israeli Terrorism -- chanting their oxymoronic mantra, “Queers for Palestine.”

The motto by itself evokes such a horrific mutilation of progressive thought. If you are queer and for Palestine it means that you are for the stoning of gay people. It means that you are for the torturing and disfigurement of gay people. You are for the brutal harassment and "honor killings" of gay people -- because these are the things that Palestinians do to us.

QUIT advocates the divestment from Israel. They call for a boycott of Israeli products, an end to U.S. aid in the Jewish state, and an end to investments in universities and Israeli establishments and corporations.

What makes QUIT and their slogan “Queers for Palestine” such foolish rhetoric is that these gay people's affinity for Palestine is clearly unrequited. If these “queers” want to march around with their delusional banners for Palestine then they are free to make that irrational mistake. But do they think Palestine is for them? Queers for Palestine = laughable. Palestine for queers = horrendous torture and death.

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