Bobby Jindal: Louisiana's Antigay Marriage Bill Isn't About Discrimination

Bobby Jindal: My Antigay Marriage Bill Isn't Discriminatory

The Louisiana governor claims the bill won't really allow discrimination against same-sex couples, but opponents say it will do just that.

No Room for Gay Republicans at Colorado Conservative Conference

No Room for Gay Log Cabin at Conservative Conference

Organizers of the Western Conservative Summit have told Log Cabin Republicans it can't have a booth there because Log Cabin 'exists to redefine the family.'

Bobby Jindal Wants to Give Louisiana a 'License to Discriminate' on Marriage

Bobby Jindal Wants to Give La. 'License to Discriminate'

The legislation is broader than measures caused outcry in other states, but Jindal says passing it is one of his priorities.

Yes, Hillary Clinton Wants SCOTUS to Rule for Marriage Equality

Hillary Clinton Wants SCOTUS to Rule for Marriage Equality

Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton says same-sex couples have a 'constitutional right' to marry.

Next President Will Either Protect LGBT Advances or Roll Them Back

WATCH: Will the Next President Undo LGBT Equality?

The Obama administration has significantly improved life for LGBT Americans — but the next president could undo a lot of it.

Marco Rubio Might Be the Most Antigay Presidential Candidate Yet

Is Marco Rubio the Most Antigay Candidate Yet?

Rubio is the latest Republican presidential candidate to announce his bid, but he's already racked up an extensive antigay record.

WATCH: Let Same-Sex Couples Have 'Contracts,' Says Rand Paul

WATCH: Let Same-Sex Couples Have 'Contracts,' Says Rand Paul

It's not clear, however, exactly what the presidential aspirant means by this.

Marco Rubio Is No 'Change' for LGBT Americans
April 13 2015 6:50 PM ET

Marco Rubio Is No 'Change' for LGBT Americans

In a GOP field already crowded with right-wing candidates seeking the 2016 presidential nomination, some position Florida Sen. Marco Rubio as a moderate — but he's not when it comes to LGBT equality.

These Tweeting Celebs Are Ready for Hillary

10 Tweeting Celebs Who Are Ready for Hillary

After Hillary Clinton’s long-anticipated announcement that she’s running for president, celebrities began burning up the Twittersphere with comments ranging from earnest to humorous.

WATCH: SNL Spoofs Hillary Clinton's YouTube Video

WATCH: SNL Spoofs Hillary Clinton's YouTube Video

Will Kate McKinnon be our favorite Hillary impression yet?

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