WATCH Romney Say Gay Families Are Not Right
October 29 2012 12:22 PM ET

WATCH: Romney Says Gay Families Are Not Right

Neal Broverman

The Republican contender for president took a hard right turn when preparing for his first presidential run four years ago and now recently-unearthed videos show just how extreme he is, or pretends

Richard Tisei Is Your Chance to See What a Gay Republican Says on the Issues
October 29 2012 3:00 AM ET

Ever Wonder What a Gay Republican Stands For?

Michelle Garcia

The Massachusetts real estate agent and former state legislator is a gay Republican vying to make history.

WATCH The Reagan Gay Sex Joke That Puts Lena Dunham to Shame
October 27 2012 2:49 PM ET

WATCH: The Reagan Gay Sex Joke That Puts Lena Dunham to Shame

Lucas Grindley

Did President Reagan make a sex joke about voting that puts actress Lena Dunham's vir

WATCH Political Motive Alleged in Attack on Gay Wisconsin Volunteer
October 26 2012 3:08 PM ET

WATCH: Was Attack on Gay GOP Volunteer Politically Motivated?

Trudy Ring

A gay volunteer working against a gay candidate says that was the reason he was assaulted, but media reports appear somewhat skeptical.

WATCH Candidate Invoke Polygamy When Discussing Marriage Equality
October 26 2012 1:44 PM ET

WATCH: Pro-Gay GOP Candidate Talks Polygamy

Trudy Ring

Judy Biggert, a Republican congresswoman endorsed by gay and pro-gay groups, says she didn't mean to equate the two.

Tea Party Favorite Joe Walsh Once Supported LGBT Rights
October 25 2012 3:52 PM ET

Joe Walsh: From Pro-LGBT Moderate to Conservative Tea Partyer

Trudy Ring

Republican congressman Joe Walsh of Illinois has flipped his positions on LGBT rights and other issues since he first ran for office in 1996.

October 25 2012 10:18 AM ET

Colin Powell Endorses Obama for Reelection

View at Reuters

Ellen DeGeneres Is Scared of Mitt Romney
October 24 2012 1:08 PM ET

Ellen DeGeneres Is 'Scared' of Mitt Romney

Sunnivie Brydum

On the red carpet for a Kennedy Center event in her honor, Ellen DeGeneres told reporters that women should be "very, very scared" of a Mitt Romney presidency.

Report Says Romney Aides Privately Promised ENDA Support to Log Cabin
October 23 2012 5:39 PM ET October 24 2012 9:39 AM ET

Was Log Cabin Told 'Privately' Romney Backs ENDA?

Trudy Ring

Romney's team promised the gay Republican group he'd back ENDA as president, but he does not want to make the stance public, The Nation reports. Also: Barney Frank critiques Log Cabin's Romney endorsement.