Romney Adviser Says Obama's Reaction to Libya Was 'Limp Wristed'
September 30 2012 11:56 AM ET

Romney Adviser: Obama's Reaction to Libya 'Limp Wristed'

Michelle Garcia

Former U.N. ambassador John Bolton uses homophobic term to describe President Obama's foreign policy.

Baldwin and Thompson Go Head to Head in First Senate Debate
September 29 2012 1:13 PM ET

Tammy Baldwin and Tommy Thompson Go Head-to-Head in First Debate

Michelle Garcia

With the out Wisconsin candidate for Senate leading in the polls, the state's former governor calls her "far out of the mainstream."

Santorum, Perry Endorse Missouri Senate Candidate Todd Akin
September 28 2012 2:45 PM ET

Santorum Endorses Todd Akin

Michelle Garcia

Conservative Republican Rick Santorum has endorsed Missouri Senate hopeful Todd Akin, whose campaign seemingly came to a screeching halt when he made

Fight Back Colorado Targets Aurora Republican
September 27 2012 5:56 PM ET

Fight Back Colorado Targets Aurora Republican

Sunnivie Brydum

The super PAC created to unseat legislators who killed civil unions legislation earlier this year is going after what it calls one of Colorado's "most extreme" Republicans.

Cuomo Offers Endorsement to New York Republican Defeated in Primary
September 27 2012 6:39 AM ET January 07 2014 6:23 PM ET

Hero for NY Marriage Is Out, Backs Away From Third-Party Bid

Julie Bolcer

Governor Andrew Cuomo even offered to back Sen. Roy McDonald if he chose to continue as a third-party candidate, and a poll released by marriage equality advocates indicated the effort could be successful.

WATCH Super PAC Backed by Rove Releases Baldwin Attack Ad
September 26 2012 1:07 PM ET

WATCH: Karl Rove's Super PAC Attack on Tammy Baldwin

Sunnivie Brydum

The GOP heavy-hitter has started investing in Senate candidates, possibly indicating that Rove has lost confidence in Mitt Romney's ability to win the White House.

September 26 2012 9:54 AM ET

Obama Lead Grows in Florida and Ohio

Paul Ryan Suggests That America Only Values Straight Marriages
September 25 2012 2:06 PM ET

Paul Ryan Suggests America Only Values Straight Marriages

Michelle Garcia

Mitt Romney's running mate Paul Ryan was asked about his stance on marriage equality at a rally, where he suggests that only heterosexual marriage is an American value.

September 25 2012 10:58 AM ET

Bloomberg Signals Support for Quinn

New York Republican Senator Appears to Lose Primary Election
September 25 2012 10:51 AM ET

New York Republican Senator Appears to Lose Primary Election

Julie Bolcer

Senator Roy McDonald, one of four Republicans to back the marriage equality bill, trailed challenger Kathy Marchione by more votes than remained to be counted.

September 24 2012 9:04 AM ET

Ralph Reed Rallies Evangelicals for Romney

Book Says Rick Perry Campaign Threatened a Really Big Lawsuit Over Gay Rumors
September 23 2012 6:39 PM ET

Rick Perry Doth Protest How Much?

Lucas Grindley

When Rick Perry's campaign heard about a story being developed by The Huffington Post on rumors that the Texas governor was gay, it threatened a big lawsuit.