Michelle Obama Speaks at HRC/Victory Fund Luncheon at DNC
September 05 2012 4:00 PM ET

TRANSCRIPT: What Michelle Obama Asked Today's HRC Luncheon to Do

Julie Bolcer

“If you do not live in a battleground state, get to one,” said First Lady Michelle Obama to an excited crowd at the Human Rights Campaign/Victory Fund luncheon on Wednesday.

Democrats Court Gay Voters in Convention Speeches
September 05 2012 11:30 AM ET

The Democrats Are Courting You

Julie Bolcer

From Michelle Obama to Julián Castro and everyone in between, nearly all of the primetime speakers in Charlotte had something to say about equality, and more often than not, marriage.

DNC Treasurer Shares What It Felt Like Growing Up Gay
September 05 2012 3:53 AM ET

DNC Treasurer Shares What It's Like Growing Up Gay

Lucas Grindley

Out treasurer for the Democratic National Committee Andrew Tobias in his speech said he was sticking to two familiar themes — "money and equality."

Gay Moments From the First Day of the DNC in Photos
September 05 2012 2:37 AM ET

PHOTOS: Gay Moments From the DNC's First Day

Lucas Grindley

Democrats not only passed the most LGBT-inclusive party platform ever, the convention's first day also had supportive mentions in primetime and a few places you probably missed.

Actor Kal Penn Says His Buddy Kevin and His Boyfriend Are His Inspiration
September 05 2012 2:21 AM ET

Actor Says His Buddy's Boyfriend Is His Inspiration

Lucas Grindley

Woman Called the Most Powerful Lesbian in the Country Delivers Attack on Romney During DNC
September 05 2012 1:32 AM ET

Country's 'Most Powerful Lesbian' Jabs Romney During DNC

Lucas Grindley

The woman who Seattle Gay News called "the most powerful lesbian in the country" delivered an att

Gay Congressman Speaks During DNC About The Value of Diversity
September 05 2012 1:14 AM ET

Gay Dad (And Congressman) Tells DNC About Power from Diversity

Lucas Grindley

Out Colorado Congressman Jared Polis, a new dad, spoke personally about his own family as yet another reason that diversity makes America stronger during his convention speech on Tuesday.

Democrats Approve Marriage Equality Platform
September 04 2012 10:52 AM ET September 06 2012 2:13 PM ET

Democrats Approve Marriage Equality Platform

Julie Bolcer

Democrats became the first major American political party to approve a platform endorsing marriage equality.

Listen to Advocate News Director on What Is Really Inside the GOP Platform
September 04 2012 8:00 AM ET

LISTEN: What's Actually In the GOP Platform

Advocate.com Editors

Advocate.com Editor Lucas Grindley spoke with TruthDig Radio about the startling homophobia lurking

Stuart Milk Makes the Obama Case to North Carolina
September 04 2012 5:00 AM ET

Stuart Milk Makes the Obama Case to North Carolina

Matt Comer of QNotes

The nephew of the slain gay rights pioneer says Charlotte is critical to reelection for President Obama.