Gay Romney Supporter Switches to Obama And He Wants His Money Back
May 15 2012 2:09 PM ET

Gay Romney Supporter Wants a Refund

Michelle Garcia

Will the Romney campaign return the donation from a former supporter who wants his money back? 

Obama Marriage Equality Statement Will Not Change Many Votes
May 11 2012 6:41 PM ET

Poll: Most Voters Unaffected by Obama Marriage Stance

Trudy Ring

His marriage equality endorsement may cost him a few votes, not many.

Mitt Romney Remembered as Prep School Bully of Gay Students
May 10 2012 2:48 PM ET

Mitt Romney, Prep-School Bully?

Lucas Grindley

The Washington Post reports that Romney bullied students who were perceived as being gay.

Romney Puts Blame on Gay Spokesman for Leaving
May 04 2012 3:14 PM ET

Romney Puts Blame on Gay Spokesman for Leaving

Lucas Grindley

Mitt Romney isn't taking any of the blame for the resignation of the gay spokesman who was driven out of the campaign by backlash from social conservatives.

Gay Spokesman Resigns From Romney Campaign
May 01 2012 4:22 PM ET

Romney's Gay Spokesman Quits

Trudy Ring

Richard Grenell resigned today after a backlash from social conservatives about his selection.

Gay Son of Ex Klansman Runs for Office in Kansas
April 26 2012 9:36 PM ET

Gay Son of Ex-Klansman Runs for Office in Kansas

Trudy Ring

Erich Bishop, the gay son of a former Ku Klux Klan member, wants to unseat Jan Pauls, a state representative who is a Democrat but has an antigay record.

Fred Kargers Ad Too Sexy For YouTube
April 25 2012 7:36 PM ET

Fred Karger's "Sexy Frisbee" Ad Reinstated on YouTube

Josh Hinkle

Republican presidential candidate Fred Karger's "Sexy Frisbee" ad was removed from YouTube for being inappropriate.

GOP Congresswoman Bullying Laws Unnecessary
April 20 2012 3:41 PM ET

GOP Congresswoman: Bullying Laws Unconstitutional

Michelle Garcia

According to Rep. Heather Wilson, antigay bullying is akin to being teased for having red hair.

Poll Voters Least Concerned With Marriage Equality
April 19 2012 2:39 PM ET

Poll: Voters Least Concerned With Marriage Equality

Michelle Garcia

The environment, the War in Afghanistan, and health care reform are ranked as higher priorities for voters than banning marriage equality, a new poll shows.

NOM to Endorse Mitt Romney
April 11 2012 1:55 PM ET

NOM to Endorse Mitt Romney

Michelle Garcia

The National Organization for Marriage will endorse Mitt Romney, a long-time supporter of the antigay group.

Santorum's Antigay Agenda Not a Hit With Catholics
April 10 2012 5:34 PM ET

Santorum's Antigay Agenda Not a Hit With Catholics

Trudy Ring

Many of the right-wing candidate's coreligionists voted against him during the primary season.

Rev Warns Allowing Gays Will Be Democrats Demise
April 09 2012 8:17 PM ET

Rev.'s Warning: Allowing Gays Will Be Democrats' Demise

Michelle Garcia

A campaign surrogate for Harris County, Texas, Democratic Party presidential nominee Keryl Douglas attacked Douglas's gay opponent, Lane Lewis (shown).