A Look at Whether People Who Do Not Vote Will Decide the Election

Poll: Will People Who Skip Voting Decide the Election and Marriage Equality?

What do all those people who are staying home on Election Day think about marriage equality?

Mayor Bloomberg Cites Marriage Equality as Reason to Endorse Barack Obama for President

Bloomberg Endorses Obama, Cites Marriage Equality in Reasons

The independent mayor of New York City said one of the effects of Hurricane Sandy is clarification about the differences between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

HRC Calls for Big Fine Against Spammer Who Sent Antigay Text Messages to Virginia Voters

HRC Calls for Big Fine Against Spammer Who Sent Antigay Texts to Voters

Voters are being spammed with antigay text messages, according to the Human Rights Campaign, which is calling for $1 million in fines against the right-wing group caught sending them.

A Halloween Horror List of The Worst Who Want Your Vote

Antigay Watch List: The Worst Who Want Your Vote

What better way to celebrate Halloween than with a truly scary list of antigay politicians to watch on Election Day?

Last Baldwin Ad Includes Clinton Endorsement

Final Tammy Baldwin Ad Includes Big Endorsement

The final ad from Rep.

Gay Republican Campaign Worker Recants Allegations of Attack

Gay Republican Lied, He Was Never Attacked

Kyle Wood, who recanted his story about being attacked because of his sexual orientation and political views, could face criminal charges.

You Might Be Surprised Which Place in the Country Could Send Its Second Gay Representative to Congress

Are You Surprised Which District Might Elect Its 2nd Gay Rep?

You might be surprised which place in the country is poised to send its second gay person to Congress — because it isn't part of New England or California.

WATCH Romney Say Gay Families Are Not Right

WATCH: Romney Says Gay Families Are Not Right

The Republican contender for president took a hard right turn when preparing for his first presidential run four years ago and now recently-unearthed videos show just how extreme he is, or pretends

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