Check Out The Advocate for Coverage of Election Day

Our List of Races to Watch Tonight for LGBT Voters

As we have all campaign season, The Advocate will be covering all of the LGBT angles on Election Day.

The Best Case Scenario on Marriage Equality Comes to Life for Obama

Were the Pundits Wrong About Obama on Marriage Equality?

The pundits imagined a worst-case scenario for the president's reelection bid after he announced his support for marriage equality, but will it come true on Election Day?

Voter Suppression Effort Targets Transgender People

Voter Suppression Effort Targets Transgender People

A group called True the Vote is training volunteers to target transgender voters as sources of fraud, says the National Center for Transgender Equality.

Post-Election: Congress' New Look?

Gay Rights Most Interesting Topic to Obama Twitter Followers in Minnesota

Obama's Twitter Followers in Minn. Most Interested in Gay Rights

Twitter analysts find that is the subject that 'most engages' Minnesotans.

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