Out Congresspeople, Republicans Pose for No H8 Campaign

In new photos released today, the No H8 campaign added 67 additional supporters from the U.S. Congress — including the campaign's first U.S. senators and a Republican member of Congress.



"The LGBT community is entitled to the same rights afforded to everyone else," said Illinois representative Tammy Duckworth. "My view on LGBT equality is rooted in love. While I was recovering at Walter Reed after being shot down in Iraq, my husband, Bryan, was at my bedside every day. Not only was he offering love and support during such a difficult time, but he was also making critical decisions for me that improved the quality of my life to this day. Often, those decisions were contrary to what my mother would have decided, but as my life partner, my husband knew me better and made the correct choices for me when I could not. I support the freedom to marry because everyone deserves the same level of access, support, and love."