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WATCH: Gay Mormon Student Says He'll Live 'Horrible,' Celibate Life

WATCH: Gay Mormon Student Says He'll Live 'Horrible,' Celibate Life

On Wednesday, Jimmy Lee Hales, a Mormon student at Brigham Young University, came out to the world in a big way — with a YouTube video that captured the honest reactions of Hales' family and friends as he told them for the first time that he is gay. 

On Thursday, Hales appeared on Joy Behar's Current TV program, Say Anything!, to talk about how his sexuality coexists with his faith. 

"The whole being celibate and openly gay thing doesn't sit well with a lot of people," Hales told Say Anything guest host Nancy Giles. "And frankly, I can't blame them."

Giles presses Hales on his gay-but-celibate future, asking if he's really OK with his fate.

"Yes," replies Hales tentatively. "I'm willing to endure this life. It's going to be horrible and it's going to suck. I'm going to be lonely, and no one wants that. But I believe in the end, it'll be worth it."

Watch the exchange below.