Trans Woman Confirmed As Pennsylvania Physician General

Trans Woman Confimed as State's Top Doc

The confirmation of Dr. Rachel Levine makes her the first transgender person appointed to a Governor’s cabinet in Pennsylvania.

WATCH: Transgender Woman Denied Access to Bank Account

Seattle Investigates Trans Woman's Complaint of Voice Bias

A Seattle trans woman says when she dialed her bank's customer service number, the rep didn't believe she was female, and hung up on her.

Meet Obama's Newest Trans Appointee: Attorney Shannon Minter

Meet Obama's Newest Trans Appointee: Attorney Shannon Minter

Shannon Price Minter will take his new post in the Obama administration following years of big legal wins that have advanced LGBT rights nationwide.

WATCH: Laverne Cox Becomes First Trans Person Immortalized in Wax

Wax on, Laverne: Star to Be Immortalized at Madame Tussauds

Madame Tussauds of San Francisco has captured the trans TV star in one of her most iconic poses.

Salvadoran Trans Activist's Murder Stirs International Outcry
June 11 2015 5:26 PM ET

International Outrage Over Trans Activist's Murder

Salvadoran police are being urged to consider whether Francela Méndez Rodríguez was killed because of her LGBT rights work or her trans identity.

Florida Politician Makes Controversial Remarks Following Caitlyn Jenner Magazine Spread

Facebook Post Gets Florida Pol in Hot Water

A Florida politician has come under fire for controversial remarks he made on social media about Caitlyn Jenner.

Op-ed: Intolerance Is Rotting the Big Apple

Op-ed: Intolerance Is Rotting the Big Apple

A recent attack on a trans woman in New York City is no anomaly, according to this writer.

Excerpt: There Is No One, Single Transgender Narrative

There Is No Single Trans Narrative

Trans author Nick Krieger shares a story from the new trans male anthology Finding Masculinity about not always knowing he was trans since birth.

Why Is The New York Times Suddenly Focused on Transgender People?

Why The New York Times Is Focused on Trans Lives

Editors sat down with The Advocate to explain why 'the paper of record' is telling the stories of everyday transgender Americans.

Triathlete Chris Mosier Joins Men of Team USA, Making Transgender Sports History

Trans Triathelete Joins Team USA, Makes History

Chris Mosier's awe-inspiring time in the men's sprint duathlon has opened a new door for trans athletes nationwide.

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