5 Things To Know About Brian Boitano

Brian Boitano was named to the official delegation representing the U.S. at the Sochi games. Here are five things you should know about the out Olympian.




2. In 1988, Boitano got to fulfill his dream of skating on a glacier. It was for a photo shoot. "At one point, the director wanted a shot of me sliding into the snow and then just lying there. He told me to lie in the snow and that the helicopter would pull back and get a shot from the air. So I slid into the snow and waited. The helicopter didn’t budge, so I kept waiting. I was getting colder and colder, but I didn’t want to get up and ruin the shot, because I knew I’d have to do the whole thing over again. Finally, the assistant ran out with the thermal blanket, yelling, 'Enough, enough! He’s not moving!' Maybe she thought the director had killed me."