A View With a Room

The Navajo Nation opens a sleek hotel in the Southwest's iconic Monument Valley.



THE VIEW HOTEL x555 (courtesy) | advocate.com

Immortalized in such classic Hollywood films as The Searchers and Easy Rider , the breathtakingly vast landscape of sandstone-studded monoliths known as Monument Valley stretches across windswept miles of northeastern Arizona and southeastern Utah. Its base elevation of a mile above sea level and its arid, sunny climate ensure optimal conditions for avid shutterbugs, who rejoiced last winter with the opening of the View Hotel ( MonumentValleyView.com ). Now visitors to this sparsely populated valley, where the Navajo people have lived for more than a millennium, can awaken any morning of the year from a restful night's sleep inside a comfy, contemporary hotel room and behold one of the world's most captivating vistas from a private balcony.

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