Aug Sept 2016
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Good Old Gay Days at Disneyland

Gay Days at Disneyland is a beloved tradition for many LGBT folks. As we gear up for the annual celebration, taking place this coming Friday through Sunday, the producers of the event have shared a wonderful collection of photos from previous rainbow-hued evenings in the Magic Kingdom to remind us that when you wish upon a star, it makes no difference who you are. For tickets and more information, visit the event’s website.

Vilanchx633 0

Comedian, author, and man-about-town Bruce Vilanch hanging with the fantasy characters.

Armsx633 0

It takes big arms to hold all the fun at Gay Days.

Dadsandkidsx633 0

Dads, crawling with kids.

Glee Starsx633 0

Dot-Marie Jones and Jane Lynch bring some Glee to Gay Days.

Intothepoolx633 0

Theme parks are hard work. It's good to take a cooling break at the Gay Days pool party, Plunge!

Tutusx633 0

Tutu much fun.

Teacupsx633 0

You might be over the occupancy limit there, boys.

Tanktopsx633 0

Water nymphs are welcome.

Queen Eddiex633 0

A couple of queens, just hanging around.

Boasx633 0

The boas in the band at the Gay Days dance party, Kingdom!

Riverboatgaysx633 0

Here comes the riverboat!

Line Upx633 0

The gang's all here.

Mickeysx633 0

The mouse is in the house.

Proposalx633 0

What better place to propose the ultimate partnership!

Evilqveenx633 0

A queen, working it.

Bigkingdomx633 0

The happy family portrait.
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