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Nairobi Gay Couple Evicted as Kenyan Homophobia Ramps Up

Nairobi Gay Couple Evicted as Kenyan Homophobia Ramps Up

Antigay incidents in Kenya are seemingly on the rise in advance of Obama's visit to the African nation.

Russia Trolls U.S. After Supreme Court Marriage Ruling

Russia Trolls U.S. After Marriage Equality Ruling

The United Russia party unveiled a 'heterosexual flag' at a rally to honor the Day of Family, Love and Fidelity.

Same-Sex Couples Simply Glow in Munich's Gay-Themed Traffic Lights

Walk This Way: Munich's Adorable Gay Crosswalk Signals

Munich's citizens get to contemplate same sex love while waiting for the light to change throughout Pride weekend.

Obama Will Not Hesitate to Bring Up LGBT Rights in Antigay Kenya

Obama Will Not Hesitate to Bring Up LGBT Rights in Antigay Kenya

Obama is not caving to angry Kenyan protesters and a homophobic president, who want him to keep his mouth shut about gay rights on a forthcoming visit.

Marriage Equality Victory in Puerto Rico

Same-Sex Couples in Puerto Rico Can Marry July 15

With today's pro-equality ruling from the First Circuit Court of Appeals, same-sex marriages can begin in Puerto Rico on July 15, according to reports.

Australian MP: Same-Sex Marriage Is 'Decadent' and Could Harm Asian Trade Relations

Australian MP: Same-Sex Marriage Is 'Decadent'

Australia's Agriculture Minister says marriage equality could harm trade relations with Asian counties.

Groundbreaking Doc Explores the Lives of Gay Palestinians in Tel Aviv

A conversation with Jake Witzenfeld & Khader Abu-Seif about their film Oriented.

Mozambique Decriminalizes Same-Sex Relationships

Mozambique Decriminalizes Same-Sex Relationships

The African country overturned a 19th-century law forbidding 'vices against nature.'

Moroccan Mob Brutally Beats Alleged Trans Woman as Bystanders Watch

Morocco: Mob Beats 'Trans Woman' as Bystanders Watch

The victim, who has not been publicly identified, may nonetheless face jail time for homosexuality, which is illegal in Morocco.

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