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ART: Out on 9

ART: Out on 9

Reynolds Fine Art in New Haven, Conn., presents "Out on 9," a group exhibition that speaks to the experience of individuals who identify as LGBTQ community and the narratives of being an LGBTQ person in the 21st century. "Out on 9, will showcase works by national artists whose themes focus on their experience and are inspired by the civil rights struggles relative to queer people. The exhibition explores the intersections of identity and involvement within the queer community.

List of artists: Sara Davidmann, Christopher Sousa, Cassandra, Thuan Vu, Tyrus Clutter, Caitlin Sweet, Paper Buck, Felix Deon, Shawn Weaver, Michael Costello, SD Holman, Wendy Mukluk, Viet le, Gwen Shockey, Christopher Sousa and Mark Chatterley.

November 7–December 24
Opening Reception, November 7, 5-8 p.m.
Reynolds Fine Art
96 Orange Street, New Haven CT 06510
(203) 498-2200

Begone Hatex633 0
Felix d’Eon, Begone Hate!, Signed, limited edition, giclee print, 19” x 13”

Continuationx633 0
Gwen Shockey, Continuation of Life, Graphite and dye on paper, 2014

Doula Installationx633 0
Cassandra, Doula, Bronze, 18” x 18” x 17”, 2006
Photo: Cassandra Productions

FreedomToLovex633 0
Cassandra, Freedom to Love, Bronze, 13” x 7” x 7”, 1996

Holman SD 01 Beardox633 0
SD Holman, Beardo, Archival giclee print, 2/10, 17” x 22”

JointheFightforLovex633 0
Felix d’Eon, Join The Fight For Love, Signed, limited edition giclee print, 19” x 13”

Jon Daisy Kissx633 0
Wendy Mukluk, Jon and Daisy at the Tupperware Party, Archival gelatin silver print, 13.5“ x 10.5”, 1975

Queer In The Woods 26x633 0
Paper Buck, Queer in the Woods, Polyester Litho, Sumi Ink, Conte, Walnut Ink, Watercolor, 22” x 30”, 2013

Reggie Heartx633 0
Wendy Mukluk, Reggie with Empty Valentine Candy Box, Montcalm Street, Archival gelatin silver print, 9.5” x 6.75”, 1978

Snap Chip Tpprwx633 0
Wendy Mukluk, Snappy and Chip About to Go to the Tupperware Party, Archival gelatin silver print, 13.5“ x 10.5”, 1975
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