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DC Comics to Debut New Transgender, Nonbinary Superhero Next Week

DC Comics to Debut New Transgender, Nonbinary Superhero Next Week

<p>DC Comics to Debut New Transgender, Nonbinary Superhero Next Week</p>

The introduction of Circuit Breaker is the latest example of DC Comics being LGBTQ-inclusive.

In January, DC Comics revealed that a new trans, nonbinary superhero was about to make their debut. Now, the wait is over.

On Valentine's Day, Circuit Breaker will be officially introduced with the release of Volume 1 of Lazarus Planet: Dark Fate.

“Meet Jules Jordain (he/they, aka Circuit Breaker),” A.L. Kaplan, who is behind Circuit Breaker, shared on Twitter last month. “Can a new hero channel the inexorable Still Force energy to fend off evil?” - Debuting in DC's Lazarus Planet: Dark Fate #1, out on Valentine's Day 💚🌈✨”

DC Comics editor Andrea Shea retweeted Kaplan's post, adding “CIRCUIT BREAKER is gonna be your new favorite character! @alkcomics breathes life into Jules Jourdain's first adventure this February, in which our new hero is blessed (or cursed?) with the dreaded Still Force during LAZARUS PLANET: DARK FATE.”

For those not in the know, the “still force” is the mirror opposite power to “Speed Force,” such as the Flash has.

The declaration of “he/they” pronouns is the confirmation of Jules Jordain being trans and nonbinary, or as Kaplan confirms in another tweet, “Yeah! Trans, but not super into the binary.”

DC also shared in the joy of announcement, sharing, “Slow down and take a look, DC Fans! A new DC Super Hero, Circuit Breaker, debuts in LAZARUS PLANET: DARK FATE on February 14!”

Fans have already started drawing Jules Jordain and sharing it on social media.

Shea also shared, “okay I will be honest I'm kinda freaking out that Circuit Breaker already has fan art? JUST WAIT TIL Y'ALL SEE HIM IN ACTION!Lazarus Planet: Dark Fate #1 can be preordered from your local comic shop now and picked up on 2/14! Thank you all so much for the love.🤠⚡️💚🌈.”

The DC world has been more embracing of LGBTQ+ characters as of late. It's a far cry from the “readers know but no one says.”

The DC Comics world has introduced several queer characters over the years from Superman's son, Jonathan Kent, to Robin to Batwoman. Even the other DC ventures are being more inclusive like the HBO Max series Harley Quinn, which welcomed a relationship between Harley and Poison Ivy.

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